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My objective is to transform government. By encouraging a change in our choice of Congressional Representatives.


How do we change the culture. By voting for men and women willing and committed to work for “we the People”?  We don’t have the money of the super PACS , we have the talent and the numbers. We can and must #RockTheVote!


Once new people are running for  office, let them know “we the people”  are suffering. We don’t have more than a $1000 in savings for retirement. We are not earning enough wages to live. We need jobs and industries in our towns or a Basic Living Wages, guaranteed food and shelter.


We no longer support tax cuts for the wealthy and large Corporations. Our States are impoverished. We have to reverse those tax cuts and stop the waste in Government generated by corruption. Remind me to tell you about Janesville, Wisconsin’s  GM Plant negotiations vs the benefits GM got from the State of Michigan,  $1Billion , that’s absurd!  First  Corporations must show a willingness to employ labor at a living wage.   Show us you’re employing 22,000 people at $50,000 each, that’s a $ Billion, than give Corporate tax breaks.


There is a lot to do this year and the years leading up to the 2020 election. Without swing voters among the Legislators we will not get the sustainable change we need to exit this Recession and our State of Inequality.


  • I’ve finally moved forward , establishing an account to receive funding to travel and meet  you and the experts who will help us change our World. I ask you to give generously of your time and money to help me help you.


  • I’d like to start Salons, think tanks convening regularly , in a relaxed casual setting, to help solve our problems.


  • By speaking to diverse groups of those employed, I’ve discovered that Business and many of our Institutions are no longer conducted in a manner that supports talent. It is too compartmentalized and few truly know the  “business model”. Especially in Finance. This must change.


  • We need to develop concepts for smart cities. Developers cannot control the marketplace , planners should. Developing the infrastructure and schools necessary to support growth.


  • It would be my goal to encourage food sufficiency in every community, using the vacant factories for hydroponic food production


  • We need better paid teachers and facilities for kids to learn. To obtain and maintain better services we need a revenue base. Taxes on business have to increase. We can give tax breaks once we’re seeing investment in America and Americans, R&D,  & Carbon Sequestration.


We have much to do this year and over the next three years to hit the ground running in 2020. The time to start is now.


Let’s take the first step and #Rock the Vote, everytime.  What we lack in money , we compensate for  in the numbers.  Start voting for our self interest.  We  have the TALENT to succeed!

Then take the 2 nd step and support my efforts to develop teams of individuals dedicated to creating stronger endurable institutions for the 21 st and 22 nd Century. I am available to work for “we the People’. With your help and involvement,  we can change our Society through wisdom not force.


Support me! Literally! I won’t let you down. Seeing a thriving America is my passion. Providing equal opportunity to everyone my goal.   A level playing field without abuse , giving everyone a chance to succeed according to their talents. This is not Utopia, that will never happen, we are human. However, we can create a society that supports our needs when Governments and Business have neglected them for 10 years.

#NeverAgain doesn’t stand only for gun safety. It stands for , never letting our Democracy be high jacked by a greedy few . We want equal opportunity for all and we’ll get it!


See you later at 11 amand we’ll chat.

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Thank you. I’ll figure out a way to accept credit cards &/or Pay Pal on this site , if that’s easier.


“The heart and pulse of the Middle Class’


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