America Speaks The Voice Of Joyce Periscope @11am Monday Change is happening. What job or lifestyle do you want in 5 yrs ? Solutions for the 21st Century.

Where do we the People see ourselves in 5 yrs. a few economic proposals to speed us toward equal opportunity and Economic self sufficiency!


If we want to build America, we must start by building new industries to accommodate and compliment the people of the 21st century.  We need education, healthcare and infrastructure, three essentials to guarantee our quality of life.  We are now part of a service economy.  We manufacture very little.   We need to turn our economy around to prepare for the 21st century. 

  • I’ve read almost $1Billion is necessary to upgrade the aging schools in Oklahoma.
  • Subways in NYC cost $1Billion per mile; we need parallel systems and Smart City innovations.
  • As our cities and power grids are too often destabilized by malware, it’s about time that we invest in a national IT program with professionals and cybersecurity.
  • Healthcare professionals are required for the Baby Boom generation, along with service providers for the next 20 years.
  • Initiate Research & Development for the 21st century and beyond.  The South China…

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