America Speaks The Voice Of Joyce Periscope Wednesday @11am Have we forgotten Corporate history? Bring back the Company Towns not buybacks?

If you don’t know History, you can’t envision what can be. At the turn of the last Century there were factory towns.

People weren’t enslaved either. They were paid a living wage and the Corporation, like Cadbury, built an entire community around their factory to support the needs of their employees.

Later on when Henry Ford built the first automobile, he paid his employees enough money to purchase his cars at a deep discount. When I worked for Ford, I was allowed to purchase 2 cars every 6 months through the Ford Motor Credit Company Bureau. After 6 mos I transferred the title to my parents and Uncle.

Fast forward to Stockbridge Mass where I had a Country home, the Fitzpatrick family supported the town of Stockbridge for years. They purchased the old businesses and kept the original owners working till they were ready to retire, maintaining the Norman Rockwell picturesque town in perpetuity. That was Corporate largesse.


Today’s Robber Barons are robbers without a social conscience. The more We the People support them through tax subsidies, the less return on our investment.  It is time for them to give back.  If Seattle needs $72 Million for affordable housing, a patriotic solvent corporation should  house their employees and support the best healthcare and educational development available. It’s in the corporate self interest to have healthy happy productive employees.


If a Corporation is so highly leveraged, they can’t provide a living wage for their employees, why invest in that business.  A company that cannot manage their costs of doing business should not be in business. To thrive, corporations must grow. I say raise their taxes and if they’re worth investing in, they’ll be glad to pay up and become responsible American citizens. The Middle Class has always paid their fair share. Time to return the favor!

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