Contemporary Glass Art, sculpture in the 21 st Century.

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Detroit, the Motor City, no one would associate this city with Glass Art, however , it rivals NYC and the Berkshires in the number of Collectors interested in collecting the Prominent Glass Artists of our World.

One Gallery in Detroit is supplying the talent to fuel Glass Art appreciation in Michigan, Habatat Galleries in Troy has single handily brought Glass Collections to the Henry Ford Museum and the Flint Michigan Cultural Arts Center. Every year, in April the Troy Gallery holds a Glass Exposition. Schantz Galleries in the Berkshires holds their Glass Conference at the end of June. Many of the Glass Artists and collectors come together for 3-4 days and talk Glass, Art and Politics. It’s impossible to escape Politics and it’s refreshing to speak with Artists who are dependent on a Society that recognizes and cherished their talent.

I have a few of my favorite sculptures and artists displayed in this column from the Habatat Show , as an enticement for you to visit Schantz Galleries in Stockbridge to see their display of Contemporary Glass at the end of June. Which will be Followed by demonstration in Glass blowing by Lino Tagliopetro on July 12, the Marstro. At 82 , he still creates and blows his own glass. A living testament to staying forever “young “ by remaining passionate and involved in Glass evolution.

Insert photo of Lino Tagliopietro’s sculpture.

As you can see from the samples I’ve chosen great artists evolve and experiment with their medium of choice.

Lino has taken Glass Art to a different level combining different sculptural shapes with cold etching while adding ancient techniques and substances like Copper to blown glass. I understand the Copper is unstable for one year and one can only wonder at the stability achieved through constant experimentation.

Meanwhile, Peter Bremer, who’ll be featured in Stockbridge , during the June 23 rd weekend , continues to evolve as an artist , using sculptural techniques to carve marble and stone similar to shapes he’s created with glass. Insert 2 pieces Of Bremer ‘s sculpture illustrating work in different Medium

Artists evolve with their craft. Constantly experimenting with their material to test the limits of their creativity and their chosen medium, Glass. The evolution is wondrous, which is why I enjoy the sculptural quality of this Artistic Glass Movement.

Humorous characteristics are magnified by David Reekie’s Glass composition

Glass blowing as an Art form is relatively new to America. Several renown artists are recognized in the late 1800’s like Tiffany. Glass did not become a recognized art form in America till the late 1960’s.

Today , if you visit Schantz’s Gallery in The Berkshires you can see many renown artists represented in Museums around the World. However, for true immersion in this medium, I would recommend meeting the artists and getting to know them personally. Since we can’t emulate the great salons of Europe, when you attend a Show in Troy, Michigan or Schantz in the. Berkshires, you will be impressed by the abundance of art and talent available to us, making a lasting contribution to our civilization . As long as Art flourishes , mankind has a foothold in our future.

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