America Speaks The Voice Of Joyce Two Americas: It started with deregulation & the tax cuts under Reagan & continues. We are slipping into tyranny legally.

Every time another country elects an autocrat, I feel like weeping, weeping for the souls who still carry compassion in their hearts and cling to equal rights, though surely they will be denied.  In America, we are descending step by careful political step into tyranny.  The hard won battles for equal rights are being overturned by judges who use the rule of law to revert to the most unequal of Western Societies.

Wake up, Americans!  There are too many battles to be fought by one person or just one class of people.  This battle must be fought by everyone who claims to be among the righteous.  Remember, if you fail to speak up for others, there may be no one left to speak up for you.

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“The heart and pulse of the Middle Class “

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