AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Periscope @11am Moving forward & running in 2020 with your support & advice. Lot’s of News & events to report! Where’s the Republican Party?

Dear followers:

See you at 11am on Periscope and we’ll chat!  Let me tell you my story of the last 2 years and you decide my next steps to achieve the Candidacy for the President of these United States. 

What’s happening in our World?  EPA, Tariff Wars, Deregulation, Policy according to Trump!  John Boehner has stated, “the Republican Party is in deep slumber, only the Party of Trump exists’.  Since this is a  fact , Trumps chosen representatives to Congress on the State ,  Local and Federal level must be defeated. 

“the Heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

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