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I’ve got the solutions to our State of Inequality and it doesn’t need a revolution or a dismantling of our Democratic structure to achieve. The solutions have been percolating within me for yrs. What I believed to be true in 2012, is still true.  You could  read my archival Blog Posts and you’ll know what I’m speaking about. Or you could read recent Posts and tune in and support my Periscope program.   Let me  re-share my thoughts with you today!

  • 1. I could never decide which came first, a third Party , an inclusive Democratic Party (I’m a registered Democrat willing to run with a Republican to achieve Congressional results on the People’s behalf),
  • a newspaper,  reporting on events around our Country, joining us and forming that invisible thread, that makes us proud to identify with each other as Americans, 
  •  a school for a new kind of “statesperson “, a Representative Of “we the People”,  individuals trained to understand the needs of their Community ready to act on our behalf, conscious of budgetary restraints.  I can’t fund this, many can and should, if they care about human rights and fiscal responsibility.

2. We need all of the above. While the Republican Party slumbers and the Democratic Party swings Progressive , What does our youth want?  They’re the ones suffering today, living with their parents far longer than other generations.  The 40-50 yr olds don’t have it easy either.  There’s only one way to satisfy all of them.  Create a living wage and break up the monopolies.

3.  Our Country is prosperous. If we curb waste and increase taxes effectively on Corporations, we will generate enough revenue to pursue infrastructure projects that will benefit the multitudes. That’s one goal. Break up Monopolies and bring sequestered 40% paper  profits back to America and rebuild!

4. Greed is not Capitalism and supporting basic human rights is not Socialism, it’s prudent Government Policy.   A healthy well educated populace is productive and desirable.

5. Why the newspaper? There’s a need to share information about our Society. “We the people” in every State should know how our compatriots in other Cities and States are surviving or not.  Recently, I was told that Texans in the middle of the State are shipping water to Communities in Southern Texas. We should know if fellow Americans are facing water shortages.  I wrote about the tragedy of water shortage in South Africa.  Yet, we’re facing the same tragedy in America and nobody outside Texas is aware?   A newspaper servicing our towns could communicate with the rest of us and reunite us and our National identity. 

Next we need a  newspaper to uncover the truth about Monopolies and crony capitalism.  We could use a return of the “Muckrakers” ,  in this age of Monopolistic Capitalism.  Just like 1901, when Teddy Roosevelt broke up Standard Oil,  we have to break up the monopolies and create a competitive corporate world. We need the facts on American Businesses, leakers welcome.   If Corporations won’t invest in people and R&D,  we should force them to act, by providing the data to break their Monopolistic control of “we the People”.   Enforce anti trust laws and break up Corporations,  giving labor the ability to switch jobs and make more money. Monopolies create stagnant wages by destroying competition and tethering employees to a limited job advancement environment.

6.  I’m  also outraged over The Trump Administration human rights abuses and like a dog with a bone, Trump and his Party can not let go of their desire to repeal the ACA?  There’s a reason he wants to stop the individual mandate and not insure pre existing conditions now.  The reason, Insurance Companies set next years pricing now,  with uncertainty, the prices will increase for many.  Then,  if more folks are disenfranchised and obtain policies with higher premiums, “he’ll say, I told you the ACA should be repealed”!   He’s waiting for the ACA to implode.  Luckily, the American people realize they need affordable healthcare and  know we can obtain affordable Healthcare with Congressional  reforms. No need to dismantle the system.



7. Why a need for a school for Statesmen and women.   There is a need to train the People’s representatives in human rights, Healthcare advances, immigration reform, educational policy and basic human needs, counterbalanced with fiscal discipline for common sense fiscal policy.  Nothing like this exists today.  Train our future representatives to govern and  Spot them early.  Then we could create a society that is caring without being wasteful. Take the profit only model out of businesses that serve the needs of we the people. We don’t have to make profits on healthcare and education .

8. Bring back interpersonal skills. Transactional thinking and communicating is self-limiting and stifling human excellence. We should be encouraging medium and long-term goals. The “gig economy” does not work , when the working poor are homeless and lack the necessities of life.

  Take the money out of Politics and we the People will get the Customer Service we earned.  More thoughts:

  • Instead of penalizing or worrying about the safety of our data,  we need to ensure that critical infrastructure, our government and  voting machines are secure from outside tampering. We need dedicated IT professionals to oversee sensitive and/or classified documents.  They too must have classified clearances and be the gatekeepers for all Institutional knowledge and data.  No outside contractors need apply. 
  • When we deregulate , we create sensible legislation! Net Neutrality first!

Some of my ideas to help “we the People” and lessen our State of Inequality.

See you later and we’ll chat.

“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

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