America Speaks The Voice Of Joyce Periscope @11am Labors Rights have been declining along with wages, when do we take a stand & demand good policy & Legislation?

Dear followers, I’ve posted statistics on our “gig” economy so it’s easier to understand why contractors are more desirable than full time employees.  Why it’s 20% to 30% cheaper to hire a freelancer than an employee.

  •  💸The minimum wage and paid lunch breaks
  • 💸The requirement for large companies to provide a health insurance plan
  • 💸Unemployment insurance
  • 💸A federally protected right to collective bargaining
  • 💸Protection under federal anti-discrimination laws
  • 💸Employer contributions to social security benefits
  • 💸Worker’s compensation and disability insurance
  • 💸Overtime pay

The “gig” Economy works for Employers and not employees. It doesn’t have to be the new normal. Demand more!

If the Justice Dept continues to challenge the ACA, most Americans will not be able to afford Healthcare Insurance. Trumps Government will destroy our ability to fund pre existing conditions , even if you’re an employee of a Corporation and have a Corporate Healthcare Policy.The articles below entrench policy that destroys the rights and lives of “we the People”, in America.

Here’s a story from The New York Times that I thought you’d find interesting:

Rich and technologically advanced, the United States continues to accept a degree of dysfunction that would be intolerable in any other rich society.

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My opinions on Trumps Agenda and the Gig Economy, our loss of Affordable Healthcare are echoed by the concerns of many.  Our once prosperous American has been sidelined too long by Government Policy determined not to act responsibly on any humane issue that benefits “We the People”.  When do the People speak?

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