America Speaks The Voice Of Joyce: Periscope delayed! See you around 12 pm. Outrage & understanding! America alone!

See you later and we’ll chat.

“The heart and pulse of the Middle Class ”

Questions to ponder?

Is there a correlation between depression, suicide , Opioid addiction , poor healthcare, gun violence , student debt, credit card debt , Senior debt and SILENCE?

How much can Americans withstand? Sadly, there’s a saying in Yiddish, translated, that “there is no limit to the amount of suffering a human being can bear! ”

How can our Country support pro life , in its narrowest sense, only pro life for an unborn fetus, when children are murdered in schools ? Or kids are caged at the border? How would you feel if Social Services took away your child for no good reason ?

It’s easy to justify inhumane treatment. My question, how can you live with yourself when you commit an inhumane act?

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