America Speaks The Voice Of Joyce Periscope @11am Tuesday How do we provide for our families and ensure equal opportunity for our Children & Grandchildren? What 3-5 issues are important to “we the People” to thrive?

Donald Trump is a man. Like any man he can fall from grace and become part of the dustbin of history. Instead, let’s concentrate on what’s truly important to the well being of “we the People”

We say, “Our families ” well being , upward mobility , health and happiness matter to us. How do we achieve our goal of protecting our family and our hopes and dreams for their future?

Since , “We ” are a Nation based on the Rule of Law. A functional Congress , would codify Rights that gave people and their families a better way of life. We wouldn’t be arguing over low cost poor quality Healthcare because that is not in the best interests of the family.

Nor would we argue over the quality of education in America’s schools because we would want the best educational practices available to us to enable all children to compete equally .

In a Democracy, with its emphasis on Family , we should be codifying laws to make our family life safe and secure. We all have the same wish for our children and our grandchildren, a better life then we had. How do we get there in today’s society? How do we convince the Politicians that we’re serious about preserving the sanctity of our families and wish to provide the equal opportunity and skills that we developed ,to help them survive better, in these United States in prior generations?

Think what’s really important to you? A living wage, Healthcare, Education, clean air, access to work or play? What 3-5 things will guarantee your children and grandchildren a better way of life. I can only tell you what’s important to me. Together, we can craft the Society of our future for our children and grandchildren!

Let’s chat tomorrow and decide on the importance of ideas that will benefit our families.

“The Heart and Pulse of the Middle Class “

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