America Speaks The Voice Of Joyce “Lose the battle & Win the War!” #RockTheVote Periscope @11am today!

Dear followers:

I can’t be silent, though my voice has not magnified as I’d hoped. However, I understand your sorrows and frustration and offer a guide to winning in November .

Concentrate on the issues that affect our lives; Healthcare,Education and Infrastructure projects.

I’ve listened to many and know our economy is not flourishing. Depending upon which U.N. study cited extreme poverty in America is between 5-18 Million citizens. This is a tragedy and it will worsen before it gets better.

Without checks and balances in our Government, this Administration’s EO ‘s can remain Law. Look to #RockTheVote. We the People must win in November, if not, we’ll be subjected to more Laws undermining our Democracy.

Speak to you later and we’ll chat. “The heart and pulse of the Middle Class “

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