America Speaks The Voice Of Joyce Periscope @11am There’s hope! Let me explain and let’s #RockTheVote for Democrats in 2018. Too much at stake to lose!

I’m human!   Sometimes, I,  too,  get caught up in the chaos, politics and  misery surrounding our inhumanity to our fellow “man”.   The constant drumbeat of the Cassandra’s on all sides is disturbing.

The Democrats are afraid of another Conservative being named to the Supreme Court. Can anyone be worse than Kennedy in these last 2 yrs? The Court overturned the rights of the Union to collect dues, yet the Union that represents its members must pay their benefits? That is an unfair ruling. Especially when labor is losing rights daily. Think about it? At this point in our history, labor is denied the right to organize and must sign non compete agreements.   Another nail in Labors coffin!  Sad, when we need a stronger bargaining position to overcome the Greed of Big Business.  Capitalism can be designed with a soul and equal opportunity for all!

This has been one of several decisions Kennedy has made, that promote inequality on a limited basis.  He’s gone and now we’ll have to wait and see what cases the Court hears in the future.  One can only hope that Chief Justice Roberts stands on the side of the majority of people’s rights and has no wish to destroy precedent setting cases. Listening to Marcia Coyle on PBS , it appears that Chief Justice Roberts is a centrist and non partisan. He’ll have to exert his power and vote on the side of decency.

That doesn’t mean we should roll over and let Trump appoint another judge this year. McConnell should stick to his rule, no new Justice in an election year!

This next topic gives me hope. Was I” Mad as Hell”  when Rod Rosenstein was attacked and his reputation impugned by the GOP, this afternoon? I was. However, on further reflection and feeling calmer this evening, that’s a good sign. Those who have enabled Trump and his Administration must be scared  by Mueller forthcoming report. We don’t know when he’ll finish, however, too many in the GOP, Trumps Cabinet and employees of this Administration are complicit in wrongdoing. The extent of their dishonorable behavior is yet to be disclosed.  The American people want the truth and the truth will come out.

As Piketty stated in his tome, “Capital in the 21 st Century”, it’s easy today to track assets. Mueller is working quietly on building his report. Let’s wait and see patiently.  Of course, we all know this is not a simple case involving money and influence buying.  At it’s heart this is about being complicit in  Russian interference of our elections.

Meanwhile,giving myself a couple of days to rewind, I’ve decided I can accomplish much, including running for Public Office, helping others as the needs arise.  I’ll explain on Periscope later!  I digress!


Our # 1 priority is to flip the House , the Senate and the State Houses.   I’d rather swing , in the short run, too far to the left, than too far to the right.


“Throw the Bums” out of office who have not accepted expanded Medicaid.  Or those who refuse to pay good salaries to hard working public service men and women.  The money is out there.  Tap ” megadealers” for revenue, they’ve gotten an extra 9-18% profit thanks to the largesse  of “we the People”.

We can do more in 2020. If you’ll help me , we can elect more moderates together.



See you later and we’ll chat .

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