Joyce: “The People’s President”

Dear friends, my long term goal has been to run for the Presidency of the United States.  I’m a registered Democrat, running on My Platform: AmericaSpeaks “TheVoiceOfJoyce”, LLC.  , representing “we the People”for the resurrection of the Middle Class.  Only by giving equal opportunity to all and #RockingTheVote, can we move forward with economic prosperity, education and low cost quality healthcare for all.   For five years I’ve been speaking about politics and Policy on Word Press @The Voice of Joyce.  Now it’s time to convert words to action.

I believe the public would be better served if I amplified my voice and spoke to people directly in an effort to change hearts and minds.  Our country needs civil discourse on the issues confronting us.   We need a person willing to engage all people on the issues that concern them.  I want to visit every state in the Union and get to know the people and politicians in government.

Look at the effort it took to elect Doug Jones to Congress.  Citizens needed to overcome voter suppression laws, tribalism and inertia in order to get out the vote.  None of this could have happened without an active press, especially the Washington Post.  I quoted them and tweeted their articles relevent to Alabama.   One article proved indispensable to groups of citizens in Alabama.  It stated,”the Alabama election was unimportant”, and that “the African American Community intends to sit this election out!”  

I was so outraged that I posted the articles on Twitter and personally sent them to  my African American friend in Alabama who distributed my comments and the articles.  We played a small part in the massive outpouring of support for Doug Jones by African American Women.

I believe all political races from now on can not be treated in a cavalier manner.   Nothing less than 110% commitment will be necessary from “We the People”, as well as our elected politicians and influential outsiders.  This is indeed war.  It is a war that must be waged in defense of Democracy and the preservation of the Rule of Law.

Only 110% support of decent candidates and policies will suffice.  I don’t write this appeal casually.  I know the odds are long and I intend to mount my campaign in several steps.

  • As “The Voice of Joyce”, I want to travel to all 50 states to listen and learn from citizens across the country, as well as explain my solutions to the grave issues of healthcare, the economy, education and infrastructure.  I hope to meet with groups in every state, people committed to restoring the middle class and dedicated to reaching common ground on issues that are truly important to  “We the People”.  I want to establish a Campaign Headquarters in every state with volunteers who want change and who can ultimately bring out the vote for a new dynamic candidate, a leader who can truly solve the state of inequality in our country.  And I am someone not corrupted by politics or lobbyists. 
  •  I need your donations and a network of support. The magnitude of running for the Presidency  is an all out 110 % commitment.  It requires a well oiled machine and the support  of “We the People”.  We know coordinated efforts work.  Alabama is proof of leading the way forward.  If Doug Jones can win in Alabama, any state can be turned away from tribal cliques and move forward into the 21st century and beyond.
  • I am hopeful and you should be too!  I may be the first person to believe at this juncture, as a Democrat, that I can run and win on a split ticket.  Think Purple!  Doug Jones would not have won in Alabama, if moderate Republicans had not voted for him.
  • At the state level, I have no problem supporting the policies of Republicans with whom I agree.  Doug Jones  won, because he stood his ground on the issues he believed in.
  •  In the words of JFK, “Ask not what your Country can do for you, ask what you can do for your Country”.

I sincerely hope I am able to build my campaign and run for President but I cannot do it without  your support.  I shall be staying close to home for the next few weeks and sincerely hope that wise men and women will offer their support to me and send me into the field to work for the American people. I have one other desire, I wish to visit all the Countries that have achieved success in Educational methods, Quality Healthcare and are maintaining improved infrastructure, through the use of Rails, tunnels and bridges.  I would be pleased to send feedback to any aligned organization and broadcast my travels daily.

#RockTheVote.  Thank you in advance for your support.  I remain “The heart and pulse of the Middle Class”. If you believe in me and my vision for this country, please give and give generously. 

Very truly yours, Joyce Silver, “The Voice of Joyce “

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