America Speaks The Voice Of Joyce#People’s President Periscope @11am The Conservative takeover of America: Bashing Unions, Tax Cuts for Business, TradeWars , Climate Change putting Humanity in Peril

10 years to plan the Conservative takeover of our Democracy.What does this effort mean to Middle Class Americans? What rights have we lost and may continue to lose, if we don’t raise our voices loudly?

We’re now subject to the Laws of ” Winner takes all Politics”.

1. Gerrymandering & representation in Congress & the electoral college have been purposefully manipulated. We , Democrats , must regain the Congress.  With 38 Governorships up for Re Elections we must #Indeed RockTheVote. Essentially there is only one Party and pragmatically & defensively our votes must go to the Democratic Party. What has occurred is egregious and will continue to erode the Rights of “we the Paople”.

2. Why are the Policies imposed by Trump and his Conservative backers egregious. They disdain the Rule of Law!

3. They are only pro business. They have no empathy or compassion for the needs of we the People. They believe in warrantless searches & no consumer protections.

4. By being pro business they have taken all of our Revenue for themselves,  cutting back on vital services to we the People.  Have the Tax Cuts trickled down to you , yet?

5. They have allowed the pollution and the buildup of CO2 to go unabated as they pursue short term profits benefitting their elite group. No matter that Americans and the rest of the Planet is suffering. They can retire in comfort to their homes and attain any comforts required.

6. They incarcerate us because they profit off our body count.

7. They disparage journalists to prevent questioning of their motives and their policies.

8. They cripple labor and unions to prevent class action suits and a united labor power base.

9. They allow free access to guns in the hope that we the People will be full of hatred for each other and murder each other regularly! They don’t care about #SaveOurLives or #BlackLivesMatter.

10. They promote products that destroy us in mind and body. Whether it’s Opioids, Nsaids or Pesticides , they’re produced for 𝙈𝙖𝙭𝙞𝙢𝙪𝙢 profit and 𝙈𝙖𝙭𝙞𝙢𝙪𝙢 destruction in the short term.

11. What is our resistance to these cruel inhumane unjust governance? Where are the Billionaires with voices in opposition? They’re Silence is deafening. Leaving we the People to develop our own plans to save our selves and our future. We do it by sticking to values we cherish and we #RockTheVote for Democrats in November, making sure pragmatically, whoever you choose , must have the knowledge and backing of all the State’s constituents to win! I’m not satisfied with winning back the Congress, I want to win back State Governorships, as well.

12. We don’t fight back with anger. We fight back knowing that the preservation of humanity is on our side. We are stronger and more numerous and must be prepared to help others #RockTheVote.

13. I, remain. #The People’s President, “The heart and pulse of the MiddleClass “

14. See you at 11 am and we’ll talk.

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