America Speaks TheVoiceOfJoyce “#People’s President “Agreeable Insights from the Economist & solutions to our State of Inequality & quality of Life: Periscope @11am

The following “pearls of wisdom” are straight out of The Economist and reflect my personal observations on Periscope this morning.

1. Today’s Corporations are fire fighters not planners or followers of established time saving rules or concerns for Customer Service. They think they’re agile. In reality they’re not agile. Small businesses are agile. They have procedures in place & responsible responsive Managers and employees. If today’s Corporations are to survive, they might copy the Small Business model: productive, qualified & effective!

2. “A recent IMF study” showed that Corporations that made less profit added more employees & invested more , even when their profits improved. Those Corporations with higher profits,  invested less. This was particularly true in Monopolies, when profits were up, they innovated less. Conclusion: the Corporate Tax Cuts , while increasing CEO & shareholder wealth, keeps Innovation and employees pay down.

3. On another topic: The People’s Health;  noted, when male surgical teams are together in the operating room , conflict ensues as males jostle for dominance, just like the animal world. Yet, Women in the same position tend to collaborate and cause less accidents. This 6000 person study was reported in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences . Conclusion: Add more women to the operating room mix and we’ll save lives.

4. The case is made for the continuation of the welfare state to support the needs of the people , giving them a road out of poverty and an entrance into society by incoming immigrants. While they may not get cash benefits equivalent to the established citizenry, there should be a cushion to help them enter society. The Economist cites Country specific examples where “welfare” is in support of Capitalism. By giving citizens choices , the welfare state should seek to provide opportunities for upward mobility and better quality of life. Examples cited are : Scandinavia supports parents so they can return to work, while disabled individuals in England may choose living plans to match their life style and Singapore sets up learning accounts , so those out of work may be retrained and be supported while doing so! Everyone needs enough to live on. Many who drop out of the market, or work in the gig economy need support to get by. Give them a helping hand without being cruel or paternalistic and we’ll have a happier more productive society!

Wefare programs, the social safety net could be provided to all.  Those earning marginal income would pay a negativ tax when newly employed, while those well off would be taxed considerably more to fund a basic living program.  These programs support the Capitalist model , a work ethic,  innovation,  & productivity.

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