America Speaks TheVoiceOfJoyce. Periscope @11am :Which CEO’s support “We the People”? How do we reverse our Stagnant wages while Consumer prices rise? I’ve got a plan.

Where are the liberal and decent conservative business owners?

I think it’s time to know which CEO’s support we the People. Lip service is easy. Making our lives happy, fulfilled, productive and prosperous requires commitment.

I just learned , Jeff Bezos’ Amazon,  will be the first $1Trillion Co. How has he given back to society? His employees are on food stamps and may not make a minimum wage. Before the crash of 2008, I paid my warehouse man $45,000 a yr. Our accident rate was zero.

I’m not so sure the war on poverty is over. I know several people being laid off. I know educated people who are finding jobs totally boring and repetitive. What kind of a workplace are we creating? It seems we no longer want people to think? The larger the Corporations, the more money they make, the less innovative!  IT’S A Fact!

It’s time to take a stand for better wages and productivity in the workplace. We haven’t reversed stagnant wages, improved Healthcare delivery for all , or provided a quality public education for everyone,  along with fast cheap transportation linking  rural areas with  Cities!

So I ask, where are the CEO’s who support and represent we the People. It’s time for them to help us or I would recommend rolling consumer boycotts of every Fortune 500 company . Start with Amazon, then Starbucks, Exxon Mobile, Monsanto, etc. all suggestions welcome. I’d give up Charmin purchases to make my point.  Certainly, the entire Fossil Fuel industry should be a target!  Then Start on the Tech Giants that use our data for free!

Getting upset over inhumane treatment doesn’t help us. We must take action. Hit the Corporations in their pocketbooks . Divest their stocks too! It’s a start!

  • Strike, Divest & Boycott!
  • Then #RockTheVote


See you later and we’ll Chat.

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