America Speaks TheVoiceOfJoyce What’s different from 2012- now? #RockingTheVote in 2018 & overcoming Mini Authoritarian Governance!

Why do I have hope for America’s future?

1. States are beginning to understand that we have “one” Party rule . That means unless Democrats & Independents vote in massive numbers to defeat Gerrymandering, there will be 9 seats for every 5,  favoring the GOP pro business agenda. The ratio of 9:5 has been carefully planned in 38 States, obscuring the popular vote, the Democratic Party vote and destroying  Democratic chances for  Electoral College majority votes,  as well. This has been a Conservative Plan since 2010, though the seeds were planted in the 80’s.

2. By allowing  Statewide elections to remain unchallenged, we the people gave up our rights and representation in Congress. Once again, #RockingTheVote for Democrats and individuals who represent the needs of “We the People” is an important milestone to achieve.

3. I am not the least bit troubled that the new aspiring candidates may Swing Left. It will be refreshing to have Representation on the local , State and Federal level of “We the People”.

4. The day of Corporate power is also in decline. Many businesses are having trouble attracting qualified labor at cheap wages. They are being “ghosted”. They deserve no consideration for poor unresponsive treatment of job applicants. Skilled workers should be paid. I’m not concerned about a rise in wages being inflationary either. Most Corporations can afford to pay higher salaries after amassing outlandish profits.

5. It may be time , in spite of Janus, for the day of the union to dawn. Union workers made 20% more than non union workers. The folks at Amazon,  with it’s barbaric culture and High accident rate,  need Union Protection & bargaining power. These conditions brought the Unions into existence in 1900. It may be time for all low skilled workers to Unionize and let their employers pay them a living wage;  allowing them to get off food stamps , Medicaid and public housing assistance. A negative tax on low earners can shift the burden of quality of life benefits onto  the wealthy once again.  Raise the taxes on the wealthy and fund much needed infrastructure, healthcare & education projects.

6. Finally, I think this is an end of an era and the dawning of a new one, more responsive to the needs of “We the People”. It’s a beginning.

7. #RockTheVote for Democrats and address these “real” concerns:

  • 8. Voters may have been purged from the voting eligibility rolls. Be proactive and check with your local election board prior to voting to determine if,  your name purged or mis read?

9. Be aware, the  Russians hacked our voting machines and interfered with voter enrollment data, especially,  if the data was connected to the internet. What happened, your name may no longer correspond with your address or ID. Check your status before voting making the process seamless. Additionally, a contractor hired by the Trump Administration to check for voter fraud,  purged  4 million from the registration lists. Don’t be disenfranchised, be motivated to make your vote count. Be proactive and re register now, if necessary.

10. Because Republicans like Rubio & Ryan are silent,  “we the people” must actually vote them out of office. As the Economist says,” they are supporting a mini authoritarian regime and don’t care if Russia interferes in our Elections again in 2018″. This is Party before Country & support of One Party rule rather than a robust 2 Party system of Governance.

  • #RockTheVote in November!

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