America Speaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Periscope @11am Keep calm & stop our battle against The Donald, I have a plan!

Donald Trump may be Treasonous, he may be demanding tariffs and trade wars for future personal gain, I don’t know.  We’ll have to #Wait & See.

I do care about his Congressional Enablers, The silent Billionaires and the Large Corporations that support him and destroy Americans way of life,  as I remember it! A life of family, a sense of Community , equal opportunity for all, upward mobility and integrity.

Who cares about the needs of we the People? Very few Billionaires took the Buffett & Gates giving pledge. To the remainder, the stingy greedy takers of our Society , I say it’s pay  back.

There’s only one way for the greedy winner take all politicians and their crony capitalist friends to experience pain. Deprive them of their revenue stream by divesting their stock or boycotting their products, in America and globally. They’ll know we the people have rights when we exercise our rights.

Then we RockTheVote for our fair share. We haven’t good decent quality cost effective Healthcare yet. We don’t have decent innovative inquisitive training for growing kids minds in education, in all 50 States, yet? We don’t have living wages in every job taken,  or career paths, yet.   Instead , we play mindless roles in a go nowhere “gig” economy. We haven’t improved our infrastructure , yet.

 Amazon is reaching a Trillion Dollar capitalization at our expense. They may be the first. They won’t be the last. We’re the product and the consumer; in another era we would be paid for our data. We should be paid now. Every time we log onto a Tech platform we should be remunerated. 1 st things first.

  • Divest
  • Strike
  • RockTheVote.


“The heart and pulse of the Middle Class “

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