America Speaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Periscope @11am Thursday. We’re not prisoners of the Politics of hate. We can write our own chapter in America’s history!#PeoplePower

The politics of hate is dividing us when “we the People” should be united in our common cause: self preservation.

I’ve listened to the frustration of young people today. They don’t like to listen to the news. They can’t get responses from fellow employees. No one cares about the plight of individuals anymore. This last gasp of a dying patriarchy is destroying our World. Literally! We should be caring about our Communities, relationships, decent wages, progress in education, healthcare and infrastructure and climate events.

Instead we’re mired down by Crony Capitalist dreams of continued wealth for a few at the expense of everyone’s happiness and well being. We’ve read about Late Stage Capitalism in the 1900’s,  when Big Business was all powerful & linked to Government. That’s why unions formed. Read the history of America during Teddy Roosevelt’s era.

  • The National Guard was called by US Steel to quell the protests of men asking for better wages and living conditions. Many died and the Birth of the Steel Union is occurred. A seminal moment in America’s history.

Not content with the State of Inequality Teddy Roosevelt, broke up the large Trusts and encouraged investigative reporting to ferret out the fraud and abuse of his day. Unfortunately, his reforms were not enough to curb Wall Street abuses and prevent the crash of 1929. A dreadful lesson was learned and the ensuing depression and WWll spurred TR’s cousin,  FDR , to institute reforms that encouraged upward mobility of the Middle Classes. Those reforms lasted 40 yrs and were slowly overturned,  leading to the Late Stage Capitalism we have today.

Back to 1900 ?  Or learn and move forward into the 21 st Century? That’s our choice. I am encouraged by new faces entering politics. The new crop of DEMOCRATS is not content with the status quo, the pro business agenda that leaves 3/4’s of the Country economically and emotionally destitute. Support these new faces, put your voice behind a “winner” and encourage  Progress!

Having the knowledge to understand the system and reject it,  is Power. With People Power comes new reforms and Laws that will sustain us and provide a better way of life for us and our children.

  • Corporate greed and Tax Cuts for Big Business,  leads to large deficits and less spending on the needs of “we the People”.  It’s a fact!

Believe in the power of change and we will soon write another chapter after Late Stage Capitalism. A chapter that embraces all common sense ideas from the left & the right and moves us forward into the 22 nd Century.

We have the numbers and the will to prevail. Don’t be discouraged. Help everyone to register and vote and than commit to being personally involved in making your life and other lives better.

Our future resides within us. Let’s write our own narrative. We know what needs to be done.

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