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Dear Followers:

Before I wrote long monologues on the issues, I offered simple Agendas and solutions to our “World’s dilemmas.  Time to get back to basics , as I remember them, giving you the chance to understand a Society that reflects our values and our new concerns.

1. What do we want?  Someone to listen to our needs.  Whether it’s at the workplace or at home, people need to communicate with each other.

2. I don’t understand why the Puerto Ricans and the Hispanic populations in America  don’t want to vote in the mid terms.  However, vote they must.  Your life, the lives of your family and the rest of working class Americans depend on your vote!


3. Affordable Healthcare  is everyone’s concern.  We need it personally and it can be tweaked to become adapted to the needs of “we the People”.  We need working Congressional Committees or Citizen groups, willing to tackle and resolve the issues.


4. I’m monetizing my Blog Posts.  You’ll see a Pay Pal button for donations.  I’m willing to work for “we the People” to develop solutions to resolve “Our State of Inequality” and our rights to Affordable Healthcare, Education and Infrastructure.


See you later and we’ll chat.

Two issues really bother me, motivating folks to overcome their fear or apathy toward voting and the abysmal state of workplace culture , job growth and accident rates.  I’m “mad as hell” that people are not making a supporting wage and are treated badly by the Corporation.

On the positive side, California is moving ahead with High Speed trains between Los Angeles and San Francisco, over 100 yrs since trains were first proposed to link Californians.

“The Heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

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