America Speaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Can “We the People “ charge Trump, his administration, GOP Enablers & The Fossil Fuel Industry with “crimes against humanity” at the World Court?Join me on Periscope @11 am today & we’ll chat




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Can Trump, His Administration and his Corporate Enablers be brought up on charges against humanity at the World Court?

What are the crimes?

1. Policies which continue to favor the use of Fossil Fuels

2. The deregulation of Laws and Overturning of Executive orders that would protect our air and water quality.

3.Overturning the Executive Orders that limited CO2 Emissions and methane gas plumes.

4 Protection of the right of the Corporation to plunder Anwar for Fossil Fuels destroying the Arctic’s fragile ecosystems

5. Allowing the use of pesticides known to cause algae blooms that are toxic to man and beasts

6. Allowing the use of pesticides toxic to the honeybee population

7. Reducing automotive fuel efficiency,  encouraging the use of Fossil Fiels creating more CO2 emissions

8. Reinstating and promoting the use of coal.

9. Continued Subsidies for Fossil Fuel development

10. Supporting deregulation, tax benefits and subsidies to the Fossil Fuel industry that has lied to the World,  in order to continue Fossil Fuel extraction , knowing that their production contributes to global warming and is ultimately responsible for the destruction of food and water for millions.

See you later and we’ll chat and talk about other matters that affect our “State of Inequality”.

“The heart and pulse of the Middle Class “

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