America Speaks TheVoiceOfJoyce : Why have “we” have chosen the FREEDOM to destroy ourselves?

Why am I thinking about Freedom, too much or too little? My good friend is returning to Beijing after living in the States for 7 year. She’s concerned that her freedom of action and movement throughout her country or her ability to travel to other countries will be restricted. I’m concerned that too much freedom in America, for a select few , has caused income Inequality, extreme climate events, lack of pure water , food insufficiency and death.

We’ve chosen our loss of freedoms , by Democratically voting for morally bankrupt & inhumane policies.

You may wonder, where were the sages on the left and the right , loudly proclaiming the consequences of our actions or inaction. Our Country has been morally bankrupt for over 30 yrs.

Perhaps you have to be reminded of the history behind income Inequality. Our State of Inequality didn’t happen suddenly overnight. Instead Laws protecting the public good were overturned one by one. Except now, under Trump and his GOP Administration , the GOP Congressional enablers, the Lobbyists and the Corporations complicit with him, the rate of Deregulation of Society’s Laws has accelerated along with the overwhelming giveaways to the top 1% making the plight of the people hard to endure.

Without out a Rules based order to protect the Common Good, we have anarchy by a few and our” State of Inequality” for the many.

Freedom to live wherever you desire irrespective of environmental concerns, gives people the freedom to choose death in many ways : destruction by fire, flooding, hazardous waste, lack of food or clean water. FREEDOM?

Freedom to grant land access to wherever a Fossil Fuel Corp wants to drill or extract fossil fuels , leads to disease, environmental changes and shortness of life for the employees and surrounding town inhabitants. When drilling & extraction is out of control, like it is today, the planet will no longer support man or beast. The land will be reclaimed by dead oceans . FREEDOM?

Give everyone the right to bear arms, irrespective of mental or physical stability or violent abusive nature, people die, either by suicide or homicide. FREEDOM?

Create monopolies in every industry and the employers have the right to restrict upward mobility for employees, employers have the right to make as much money as they want,  while keeping worker pay low . The employers are subsidized by the rest of society through tax cuts and carried interest pass troughs. What do we the people get? Restrictions of our the right to strike or unionize for improved working conditions and better pay. There’s lots of Freedom for the wealthy and restricted freedom for “We the People”. FREEDOM?

America is based upon a system of selective freedom. It was a moral choice. One class, the top 1% has absolute freedom and the rest of us have chosen to die. Our lives are worthless, just like in feudal times, we are in servitude to our Corporate and Congressional masters.


We chose to vote Democratically for unequal treatment. We made our choices to pollute our air & our water. We made the choices preventing city planning . We made the choice to remain addicted to drugs to ease our pain. We made the choice allowing everyone to have a gun without restrictions. We made the choice allowing our atmosphere to change by refusing to listen to the scientists stating conservative estimates of the effect of CO2 emissions, methane emissions ,forest clearing , aquifer depletion’s and the diversion of water for Corp use to our environment. Right now,  with an increase in temperature of 1-1.5 degrees centigrade,  our lives are in peril , as more people die from lack of food , water and extreme heat.

Knowing all these facts,  what do I hear on the streets of America, better to keep the Freedom to die under another Republican , then vote for a Democrat, really?   That’s FREEDOM?

Absurd behavior, I say when our lives are in peril. Choose Democrats for the short term. Support Congressional Enforcement of moral Laws . We have the Freedom to choose. Choose Laws that save lives and care about the needs of “we the People” .  ” We the People” should have equal rights to the rights of Corporations and the top 1%.


Let’s say no to an unequal society. Unless we support each other and work towards a more egalitarian society, do we really have FREEDOM?

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