America Speaks TheVoiceOfJoyce #How do we bring back “one person one vote” ? Some easy solutions presented!



Why do I say #RockTheVoteIn2018for Democrats? Because,  they’re not denying funds to fix our voting systems , only The the Republicans are suppressing voter rights  or purging voter rolls with  Jeff Sessions help!


  • Republicans have also failed to authorize $380 million ,  making our voting cyber secure. We already have data on Russian interference in our election and scrambling of Voter ID.  Now it seems, even kids can hack our voting system!?


  • There is no instance of voter fraud, yet this notion is used repeatedly  an an excuse , to purge 11 million from voter rolls in Southern and mid western States , without notification of the voters affected.


Add these recent attacks on our right to vote , along with gerrymandering, and voting for the many becomes challenging. Can our State of Voter suppression be overcome? Yes!

  • Vote Democrat at the local , State and Federal level and pressure your representatives to enact voter laws that work for “we the People” making voting easier.


What do we want?

States to end Gerrymandering , which may take a ballot initiative,  changing the States Constitution to allow non partisan citizens groups to designate voting districts.


Enact a voting holiday and make it easier for the working class to vote.


Allow early registration by paper ballots.


Since NY wants to put all voter ID  information on a tablet, to allow for changing addresses & easy identification of voters, the next step would be voting by home computerleaving a paper trail. If we can bank online securely, why can’t “we the people” vote on line using our social security #, encryted data and vetted identifiable machines.


If we implemented any of these ideas we’d have greater turnout at the polls which is desirable in a Democracy.   “We the People” need to reinstate one person one vote representation.


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