AmericaSpeaks . The Voice of Joyce: The GOP is counting on Evangelicals. They’ve given up their right to a better life in order to obediently support the Corporate GOP Agenda.

I’ve got to congratulate those Draconian folks in the GOP who captured an unfair advantage by any and every means possible.


Let me count the ways:

  • Gerrymandering
  • Voter suppression
  • Voter purging
  • Alignment with Foreign Powers: mostly Russia. I’m not surprised to find Iran a player in disinformation,  too.  Iran is aligned with Russian interests.
  • Alignment with the NRA, denying everyone else’s right to life.  We’re only asking for common sense Laws to save our children’s lives.
  • The Evangelical Church.


Why are their methods Draconian? Who would  willingly vote against their self interest , unless they were taught not to question authority. They were taught. According to Pope Francis , obeisance to the hierarchy of the Catholic Church was mandatory.  That’s why he wants to create a lay commission independent of the Church. He wants people to think and question authority. The Conservative GOP, with a short term Corporate Agenda,  doesn’t want people to think or ask questions.  The Conservative GOP, in Congress today,  wants the same reflexive obedience from their voters , that they’re giving  to Donald Trump. The GOP counts on the Evangelical vote for their re-election, even if it means , that Evangelicals in the  Middle Class and working classes,  will suffer economic and physical hardship, along with everyone else.


The GOP actively recruits voters who are deeply religious for their obedience and then supports blurring the lines between Church & State, even if it means, undoing years of well established civil liberties.  Most GOP in Congress today,  don’t care about the Constitution. They care about their re election and the continuation of an old dying culture. A culture that gives lip service to their support of coal and fosters continued extraction of fossil fuels to our detriment.


I see and understand. Do you,  dear reader,  understand as well? The GOP agenda supporting Trump,  doesn’t support those who question authority or the needs of “We the People”.


I follow the Old Testament, God loved the Shepard we’re told. Why ? The Shepard wasn’t afraid to question God.


  • We need to question authority,  abuse of our rights,  or bullying.  
  • Incivility &  inhumane acts  must be questioned to form a more perfect union!
  • “We the People” must support each other,  write our own stories and establish our own inclusive American culture.
  • If the Corporations want to survive,  they will listen to us and change.
  • The same reasoning exists for enablers of Trump, his administration, lobbyists, Congressional Representatives and Corporations, if they want our support,  they must support the needs of the Middle and working classes.


This is a new day. I understand and you will too! I don’t ever intend to throw up my hands in despair, nor should you. Have hope. #RockTheVote forDEMS in 2018. There is no moral equivalency!


See you Thursday and we’ll chat.

“The heart and pulse of the Middle Class “.


The Voice of Joyce. I speak for humanity & the  humane treatment of “We the People”.


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