AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce No Periscope today in honor of Senator John McCain! See you tomorrow & we’ll chat.

Dear followers:

While I didn’t always agree with Senator McCain, he responded to my letter of disapproval of Judge Gorsuch and explained why he supported him.  More importantly, he asked me to write to him anytime about Policy questions.  I’d like to think, my 18 bullet points on the preservation of the ACA, swayed his vote and left the ACA intact.


More to discuss tomorrow.  As we look at the positives in our World.

  • Activists on the move: Climate Change, sensible gun Laws & Cyber security!
  • Student Loan Balloons to  $1.5. Trillion debt
  • Free tuition at NYU Medical School
  • Small Business suffering from tariffs.

See you tomorrow and we’ll chat.

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