AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Periscope @11am: Activison, John McCain,DEMS ’68,Climate Change & our State of Inequality solutions!

Dear followers:

There’s a lot happening in our World.  Every day I’m reading about Climate events changing our World.  I listened to RFK wise statements before his assassination on 6/6/68 & Hubert Humphrey speaking before the 1968 Democratic Convention in August.  This was a tumultuous decade!


We’re confronted today with the culmination of another decade since the Financial crash of 2008.  Are you better off?  Have you ever regained the wages or income lost?  If you could, would you change jobs?


We were promised infrastructure jobs and cyber security of critical archetecture.  Secure voting machines.  Instead we seem to be battling for our very positions in life.  The struggles for our freedoms have never been more important than they are now.  We want to ressurect the Middle Class. We need to safeguard the health and well being the fragile among us.  To achieve our goals for a just and inclusive society, we must continue our activision.  Change the balance of Power at the local, State and Federal Government and elect Democrats to positions of Governance.  “We the People” need representatives of “we the People”.  Make every vote count.


There are a lot of obstacles in our paths.  Treat each obstacle as an opportunity for Change.  If we will it, change will come to Americans and we will have the right to live well!


See you at 11am and we’ll chat.

“The Heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

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I wish to reach Common Ground on the Social Issues and I’m Fiscally Conservative on Monetary Policy. I would be willing to run on a split ticket moving the Country & our Society toward the center. I support a robust prosperous Middle Class. Decent wages, Healthcare, Education & Infrastructure are my concerns. Review my Blog Posts: The Voice of Support my efforts through your contributions of $5 or more. Happy Holidays


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