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Dispelling the myths surrounding Trump, the Administration and the GOP Congress.


1. The President alone makes policy & Law. This is untrue. If it were true, President Obama would not have relied on Executive Orders for his policies. Nor would he have been blocked by Congress.Executive Orders are not Law.  Laws can only be made by Congress.

2.  Fact.  President Trump is the visible head of a large organized GOP dominated organization. He represents the special interests of this GOP Congress, Billionaires, Lobbyists & major Corporations. Getting rid of Trump, is”like killing one Terrorist , more follow”.

3. The only way to rid America of the abuse of Citizens United, is by either eliminating PACS & non profit donations or to make the system 100% transparent and accountable. Until we change our culture , dilute the power of Greed in Congress.   #RockTheVoteForDemsIn2018.

4. The Corporate Agenda evident today was 30 yrs at least in the making. Careful planning led to the ” inhumane & unequal” treatment of “We the People”. None of today’s policies are accidental. Deregulation of the Banks, EPA and other science based Institutions,  have been purposely planned to assure the continuation of Corporate Power and Fossil Fuel use, irrespective of the consequences to man and animals. The old money and established Corporations do not want change. They prefer their comfortable profits and lives now and fearEmbracing our Future together.

5. How was this “plot” against “We the People” engineered? By overturning established laws, by deregulation and by weakening and discouraging Voter turnout.

  •  Under Ronald Reagan our debt soared.  He instituted Tax Cuts & Trade Wars.  This is an “old” playbook. GOP moguls want to maintain this “era”. They don’t remember that  700,000 people lost their jobs then. The stock market crash of 1987 or the interest rate rise to 16% in 1982. Borrowing $250,000 cost approximately $4500/month. If you were wealthy, you lived well in the 80’s.
  •   When  HW Bush was elected President, the Country was in Recession. Bush had to raise taxes to start America on the road to recovery.
  • President Clinton added 21 million new jobs to the Economy. However, the Economy did not improve until 1996. At that time , Clinton overturned several Laws that protected our Financial Monetary System,
  • Glass Steagall was overturned
  • .Derivatives were introduced for trading and became weaponized as the Financial Instrument of choice! Derivatives were responsible for the Global Financial Collapse in 2008.
  • Lobbyists,  who had been barred from dealings with the Federal Government for 5 yrs,  now had a revolving door between Government employees & our Congressional Representatives. Greed paid off big time in 2010 when Citizens United became Law. The Corporations became more powerful than Sovereign Nations.
  • Next came GW Bush and America’s destiny was sealed. The unnecessary Wars in Iraq & Afghanistan cost our Nation $13 Trillion? Illegal immigration flourished to supply cheap labor to industry. The US Deficit deficit soared. Trade treaties flourished dislocating millions of Americans. States rights became a watchword for bailing out the Corporation , while ordinary Americans were starved for good paying jobs.  Our Monetary System collapsed as Obama took office.
  • Obama followed advice; saved the Monetary System and Wall Street, while we the People absorbed America’s debt; causing many to lose their homes, their jobs and all their money. These hardships were the beginning of the demands made on the Middle Class.
  • 2010 also was the year the GOP took control of the State houses and destroyed Unions. Though loss of a Union base was occurring every time jobs were lost or shipped overseas to escape Corporate taxation.
  • Back to 2010 , Congress under GOP control encouraged “winner take all Politics”.   Gerrymandering, voter purging and voter suppression were encouraged, ensuring low voter turnouts of the Middle Class and poor, establishing & entrenching the Corporate Agenda.
  • Obama had a short time frame to secure a win for “We the People”. He gave us the Affordable Care Act. Then he used Executive Orders to implement some Regulations.
  • The scene was set for Donald Trump to win in 2016. He did everything his “masters” asked of him. Deregulated the Banks, Deregulated the EPA, Starved the Federal Government of revenue, Destroyed the rights of Labor, Increased Corporate Rights, Taxed the Middle Class and working poor, attempted destruction of Healthcare, Education, and  reduced spending on Infrastructure.

Trump is not alone.   Everyone who enables him is complicit in enforcing policies detrimental to “We the People”; his cabinet, the GOP , the Lobbyists representing Corporate power and the  GOP Congressional Representatives on the Local State and Federal Level benefiting from Trump’s Government largess. Their intent:  keep the old ways intact, support monopolies!  Monetary crashes don’t affect them.


  • “We the People” must Embrace the Future, we know what the past looks like and it can get worse.
  •   # RockTheVoteForDemsIn2018.
  •   #EmbraceTheFuture, if we want a future that includes “We the People”.


See you later and we’ll chat.

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