AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Periscope @11am today! Where are the opposition voices against Bad Policy? What’s coming next? Where’s EQUALITY?

Dear Followers:

The debt never stops.  Revenue into the Federal Government is so low, Treasury has borrowed almost a Trillion Dollars to fund current programs.  This is a self inflicted wound.  Corporations didn’t need Tax Cuts to 21%, it hasn’t benefited “we the People”. Labor’s wages are stagnant as Corporations pocket the money and give themselves enormous salaries. Where’s equality?

The Tax Cuts didn’t close tax loopholes either.  Additionally, if you work for a living, you lose, while the top 10% reaps investment benefits.  Where’s the equality?

We’ll continue our chat at 11am.

“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

If you enjoy this programs and wish to help me enter Politics, #EmbracingTheFuture.  Please contribute generously.  Thank you.

Phase one: Produce a book based upon my Blog Posts dating from 2012- to the present. Perhaps a Memoir! Than, support travel to countries showing excellence in Healthcare, Education and Infrastructure programs. Support : AmericaSpeaks The Voice of Joyce LLC

I wish to reach Common Ground on the Social Issues and I’m Fiscally Conservative on Monetary Policy. I would be willing to run on a split ticket moving the Country & our Society toward the center. I support a robust prosperous Middle Class. Decent wages, Healthcare, Education & Infrastructure are my concerns. Review my Blog Posts: The Voice of Support my efforts through your contributions of $5 or more. Happy Holidays


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