AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Periscope@11am Would you stifle”stimulating” the economy because it benefits Democrats? Where have the Statesmen gone? There are solutions, want to hear them?

Dear followers:

Lately I’ve read and seen “what Political War” looks like.  It’s not a pretty sight to see People revved up to jeer and fight their perception of “evil”.  I’ll explain @ 11 am when we’ll chat.


1. Let me dispel some of the myths surrounding Lehman’s collapse.  Can we see another correction or Monetary crash, now ,  10 yrs after 2008?  What are our safeguards and pitfalls.

2. In 2016 , 64+ Million voted for Trump & 68 million voted for Hillary.  100 million never voted.  Mobilization of these voters is our goal.


3. Can we defeat the Politics of Hate and unite to save the Middle Class and the Working poor? 


4. Let’s talk bad policies: Flint Water crisis, Laurence , Massachusetts, drilling in Anwar, Methane emissions. 

  • Solutions:
  • Carbon Tax,
  • Tax on Derivatives,
  • Exempt first $118,000 on Payroll deductions and tax any and all income above it
  • Tax the Land used by Developers to Fund Infrastructure and much more
  • Unionize

See you at 11am and we’ll chat.

“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

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I wish to reach Common Ground on the Social Issues and I’m Fiscally Conservative on Monetary Policy. I would be willing to run on a split ticket moving the Country & our Society toward the center. I support a robust prosperous Middle Class. Decent wages, Healthcare, Education & Infrastructure are my concerns. Review my Blog Posts: The Voice of Support my efforts through your contributions of $5 or more. Happy Holidays


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