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Dear Followers, This Post is dedicated to LNP CommonSense who commented on my Twitter site, acknowledging that metrics are required to further define the stratification of American Society.

You’re right, common sense, listening to people, probing the statistics and reading the current Economic luminaries like Piketty, Stiglitz, Krugman, Schiller & Mandelbroit , shape my beliefs and facts.They’re convinced we are failing to understand the lack of mobility and employment in our society because we’re using “old models” to define employment in America.  At this point, many understand the need to look at more data in order to prevent the next crisis and solve our present State of Inequality.  There are solutions to Our State of Inequality, but under Trump and the GOP administration, those solutions are” dead”, the GOP Congress prefers to deregulate banking and reward the 1% rather than address the needs of the many.  That’s why I’ve been advocating #RockTheVoteForDEMSin2018, as one way forward and we must #EmbraceTheFuture!  I’ll explain Tuesday at 11 am.

For the last 30 years no one in any administration thought about metrics measuring the wealth of ordinary Americans. They were more concerned with preventing a total collapse of our Global Monetary System, than the health and well being of ordinary Americans.  The Fiscal Collapse of 2008 , ushered in “OUR STATE OF INEQUALITY.   The establishment, the Feds and Congress were absorbed with maintaining the wealth of the already wealthy and turned a blind eye to tax avoidance and tax evasion. Only Janet Yellen wanted to probe the metrics of the  gig economy and  understand the employment status of ordinary Americans.A lone voice, who was replaced.  The current Fed Chairman is concerned with maintaining the status quo.

That’s our problem in brief, it’s not a struggle about identity politics, that’s a smokescreen for our very real “Class Struggles. “We the People” and the rest of the World , understands  that the GOP agenda favors the top 1% only and finally,  concern and  outrage by Economists,  has  led to probity and concern about the well being of Middle Class and the working poor.Now Economists want to understand and see the stratification of Americans in our society.  They must in order to predict the bubbles that will appear once again.  They no longer want to be blidsided by the truth of our true State of Our Economy.

Piketty is no longer a lone voice advocating and analyzing societal structures and “Our State of Inequality”. More Economists are becoming involved in understanding the stratification of our society for many reasons.One reason, according to the statistics , there is 40-45million living under the poverty line , 13.9% of the population.  True measurements of poverty, including the working poor, claim poverty in this Country really encompasses 140 million people.  The implications are sobering and frightening for many reasons and we’ll discuss them tomorrow.

 Economists are recognizing, “Our State of Inequality” may not have a good ending, 10 years out. When you look at the culture of greed and the lack of regulation and accountability in the Banking World, you have to wonder ,” if Too Big To Fail, has gotten bigger”! There is a concept of bail in, it’s been tried in other Countries and could lead to America’s change in Inequality, if adopted.  It’s an easy concept to grasp, the Bankers and the Bank like structures causing another crisis contribute to maintaining their system of liquidity and don’t look to the imperiled tax payer base for a bail out or the Government,  that’s our money too!  Common sense Laws can save us, if we can change OUR State OF Inequality, by electing DEMS to office in 2018,  #RockTheVote and #EmbraceTheFuture!

See you at 11 am and we’ll chat.

“The heart and pulse of the Middle Class “

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