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Dear followers, thank you for your support and following me:  Below are policices I suggest to generate revenue and resurrect the Middle Class.

I write policy for generating revenue for projects that would eliminate inequality and give the Middle Class and the working poor a way out of poverty.  An easy sourse of revenue could be circulated through our Economy, helping 154 Million Americans, living poorly, with little to no income.  Treasury could write off $1.7 Trillion of 2008 Bonds and transfer the funds to “real cash”, cutting a check for $12,000 to every person in need.  It’s possible to help 154 million people .  A win win for the economy, the Middle Class and poor.  


When you think about the issues confronting America, it’s easy to see solutions. What we need is the Legislative will to create Law that supports and represents “We the People” over the needs of the Corporations & the 1%.


Consider the following suggestions for our Cities,  bringing back neighborhoods and the middle class , enabling them to live closer to their work. Over the past 30 yrs , rent stabilized and rent controlled apartments have been eliminated  them from the marketplace , while enriching Large Landlords and developers.


1. Tax the land under developments , 5-7% and the Developers will  pay for the Infrastructure brought to their communities, not the taxpayer, makes sense.

2. Change archaic laws that deregulate rent controlled and rent stabilized apts

3. Eliminate custom exemptions for real estate taxes , in New York City,  by the ultra wealthy. Tax all apartments costing $ 25 million +and more!

4. Eliminate the need for SRO’s.  New Yorker’s are now paying  @$3750 a room,   exceeding fair market rates.

5. Establish new rules for developers, requesting that they  set aside  20% of new development,  for rent controlled apartments for the Middle Class.

6. Use Metadata to plan cities , construct residential buildings “in safe areas” , unaffected by climate events.

7. Promote green cities; White roof tops and/or grass. Use recycled water and low profile wind turbines and encourage Cogeneration plants similar to NYU in New York City.


Need more revenue?

1. Eliminate payroll deductions from those earning up to $118,000 and add the tax to all taxpayers above that limit.

2. Tax outstanding derivative contracts 6% . On a Quadrillion Dollars , “ We the People” would gross $1 Trillion. Enough to stimulate the Economy with good paying Infrastructure jobs, generating revenue for Healthcare and Education.

3. Stop giving tax breaks to Corporations opening facilities in States. This has led to a game of “three card monte” as Corp move from State to State and bankrupt citizens’ services without raising wages.  When large Corporations leave a community, the skilled work force is left with with no work & ” dead cities” are created.

4. Give Labor the right to collective bargaining and the right to strike for better working conditions and pay. Don’t reward the “Amazon’s “ of this Country.  Create Law that guarantees employees a living wage eliminating the need for food stamps. Eliminate “homeless” working poor and cruel inhumane working conditions.  Pay a fair market rate.  This is not the last century. Labor did better in 1976 , 200 yrs after the Revolution, than today.


5. Create a real measurement of participation in the workforce. Use the methods suggested by Thomas Piketty. We’ve got the data and the savvy to create a real picture of American’s struggle against Inequality. With 140 million living in poverty, it’s time to take a hard look at American lives & livelihoods. Why aren’t more people looking for work? Who’s discouraging real participation in the workforce and destroying the hope and dreams of real people. Americans bound physically and mentally are not free to choose! #EmbraceTheFuture

6. #RockTheVoteForDems2018

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