AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Periscope@11am today: Topics: #MeToo!,Worker abuse & low wages, Climate Migration & #RockTheVoteForDEMS2018!



Dear followers:

I’m hopeful, change is  in the air!  When so many people are willing to come forward and civilly state their problems, the “Times , they are a changing”.

  • Let’s discuss Kavanagh and #MeToo and why women take so long to come forward.  It’s not because nothing happened, it’s because as a victim, they’re victimized.  I saw these scenarios played out ,  in Bellevue Hospital, as a candidate for my PHD , around 1975.


  • Next, let’s add to the list of Corporate workers on welfare: Starbucks, Amazon, Walmart, American Airlines, etal.   The list grows as employees earn less than the $15.00/hr proposed min wage.  This is one reason to vote for DEMS in 2018.  We need a sweeping change in our Social Contract.  Capitalism can have a social conscience and can  provide benefits to labor, while making profits. It happened for 40 yrs. in the 20th Century.  #EmbraceTheFuture.


  • Climate Refugees in America are becoming a reality.  How many times can you rebuild in place?  How often can we place toxic wastes near major populations?  Metadata can help us replan our Cities and rural Communities.  This is an opportumity for American growth and prosperity.  We can move forward with change that benefits all of us.


#RockTheVoteForDEMS2018.  It’s everyones job to be involved.  Celebrities needed to mobililize your fans, literally!


See you at 11 am and we’ll chat.


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