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Dear followers: I came across these articles written in 2016. They’re still relevant. As Neil Irwin, stated in the NY Times, it’s very probable we had a mini Recession in 2016 and nobody “knew”. We’ve been saying for years employee participation in our Economy is not counted in the statistics.  That’s true.  It’s also true, the next Recession may be because of many causes,  a series of events, no body anticipated.  Read the articles below and we’ll chat.  Than, I’ll tell you what really irks me in today’s Democracy at the end of this Post.


All economic indicators point to Recession in the next 18 mos. Why not be proactive? Change Corp tax laws, start infrastructure projects and create new jobs NOW!

Economic Gauges Raise Specter of Recession

Why I’m “Mad as hell”!

Why aren’t potential candidates for 2020 and celebrities concentrating on getting folks registered in every state?  Why aren’t they organizing transportation for folks to get to the polls?   This irks me.  Why isn’t everyone who cares about our Democracy, involved in this process?  This Mid Term election is a pivotal election in our Democracy.  We could slip further into our “State of Inequality” or with a massive effort ,mobilizing a 100 million people to vote, “we the People”, can make a difference.  Our numbers can overwhelm money in Politics. 


It’s clear, if you stand with the aging Republicans or representatives blessed by Trump, we’ll continue our State of Inequality.  I can’t stress one point enough times, #RockTheVoteForDEMSIn2018 and we have a chance on the Local, State and Federal level, to write our own story and swing the political pendulum toward Equality with Healthcare for Millions.


Don’t expect miracles.  Expect expanded Medicaid for all and continued tweaking of our Healthcare system.  Talk of a single payer system is getting results.  Insurance companies are listening and lowering increases.  Keep up the pressure. 


Strikes work to benefit employees.  It’s worked for Teachers and American Airline workers and the Port Authority Workers in NYC.  Unite and be prepared to use your right to organize to obtain better wages. 


What do I expect with new Democratic faces in all levels of Government, more compassion for the needs of “We the People”.  Remember, “Our State of Inequality” can get worse.  Vote as if your life depended on this election.  It does.  Don’t look back, look forward and #EmbraceTheFuture”.  The Middle Class has been prosperous under Capitalism.  We can be prosperous again.  It takes voting, overcoming all obstacles and an insistence on a better future for ourselves, our kids and grandchildren.  We’re worth the effort!


See you tomorrow and we’ll chat.

“The Heart and pulse of the Middle Class.”


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