America Speaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Labels don’t scare me! A corrupt Politician & a corrupt Judiciary scare me! Let’s pursue our inalienable rights!Periscope today@11am.




I don’t like labels or epithets;   Socialist, Liberals, or scary time for men? Oh No!


  • What will they think of next. Our State of Inequality, Middle Class, humane treatment?


  • Perhaps we the People shouldn’t be blinded by scare techniques. Males are not in danger. Only abusive, entitled feeling, the rules don’t apply to me , males, are in every ones crosshairs.


  • Socialism? The mere thought has driven Insurance Companies to change their ways and charge less for Healthcare. Lesson learned.


  • If you push “We the People” too far , we rebel. I used to wonder when “the People” would speak? It seems now!


We want living wages to afford housing , food, education and healthcare. If that’s a liberal wish, bring it on! Amazon finally understands!? We want and we ‘re willing to work hard to pursue life, liberty and happiness. Liberal?  The Declaration of Indepence & the Constitutiom codify our inalienable rights.


  • We didn’t sign on for 6.5 million deaths from water and air pollution.
  • We didn’t sign on for anti Semitism.
  • We didn’t sign on for mass incarceration of Black and Hispanic youth. We sure didn’t.
  • We didn’t sign on for “dark Money” in Politics.
  • We signed on for one person one vote, by the people, for the people.


We got, Corporate or foreign money , legally buying (bribing) Politicians on the Local, State and Federal level to perpetuate short term gains for a few , their families and friends. We also got a corrupt judiciary dependent, like the Politicians , on Corporate money.


Who signed up for this system of corrupt Democracy? I didn’t. If you didn’t either, beg a ride, if you have to,  & Register and Vote for the new wave of Democrats entering politics .


  • The people are speaking, never stop , not till we get the Corporations and the society we signed on for!


  • Politics affects us. Never forget! We have a long future and short term gains for a few will shorten it!




“The heart and Pulse of the Middle Class”

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