America Speaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Periscope @11am today We’re at War! We must overcome our despair & sense of Futility to #RockTheVoteForDEMS 2018. Our lives depend on our voting.




Everyday I’m reminded that we are in an all out War against Trump and this GOP administration. We the People must accept responsibility for this war. Our sense of futility and despair, our lack of civic engagement allowed the GOP and their Corporate cronies to become entrenched in our Society.We voted for Climate deniers and a Government willing and able to charge more for pre existing condition.  Corporate control of Government is not fair.


Corporate rule is not fair and Democratic. The Corporations doesn’t care , if we’re happy. They’re interested in productivity and collecting obscene profits at the expense of employee satisfaction.  According to a recent study, reported in the Economist and Tweeted by me, Singapore and Finland rank the highest in valuing “human capital”.  (Note: They are also ranked highest in Educational and Healthcare reforms benefiting their populations, too!)  America ranked 24th.


We treat Americans poorly, 40 million in our Country live below the poverty line. The reminder of the poor are working , living off food stamps and may be homeless. The Middle Class has suffered the worst.   They’re a sandwiched group, between the poor and the wealthy.  The are saddled with student debt, credit card debt and now with climate events that are catastrophic, they too may be homeless, too!


However, No one in these groups has the luxury to feel helpless or in disappear. You have been beaten down on purpose. The desired outcome of futility was predictable. However , if you wish to regain your status in life , this year you must cast aside your apathy and get out of your homes and register to vote, get the proper ID and make a visual plan to vote. Then vote for any Democrat Who’s running. There is no other choice .


If you continue to vote for the GOP and Trump, you’re voting for Corporate Rule and denying  your needs to Healthcare , education and infrastructure. When you vote for Democrats, you’re voting for a diverse group of people, some might want free Healthcare for all, irrespective of your preexisting condition, some might want free higher education. If they’re like Connor O’Lamb, Doug Jones and Beto O’Rourke, they’ll stand for apprenticeships, jobs,  Veteran Healthcare and counseling too. They’ll  fight for Infrastructure and climate mitigation, too!


To fight back, we have one tool, the ballot box. We are a Democracy. Vote as if your life depended on your voting. It does. The CONSERVATIVE GOP is going to vote, they have easy access to the polls. I know you’re struggling, though I understand your pain, I also know there is only one way to overcome your despair and our State of Inequality, that’s by voting. Ask a friend to go with you. Ask your Church or Community Center to get you a ride. Do whatever it takes to vote DEMOCRATIC this year.


Change the status quo now. Make no mistake our lives can become worse. If Corporate greed goes unchecked, they and their cronies,  in The GOP Congress, make the rules. As a group,  many will die from Climate catastrophes in this generation and /or become homeless.  What neighborhoods do you know left standing and rebuilt in record time?


RockTheVoteforDEMS2018. Unite with “fellow”“countrymen “,  also despairing,  and vote.


Thank you for listening. I do hope you will make a plan to vote and follow it. You’ll be happier when you’ve voted and changed America’s destiny back to caring about the needs of we the the people. Restoring representation,  by the people,  for the people. Our new representatives will do our bidding. Unlike the others, we voted consciously for change and we can assure that change benefits us.” We the People”.


See you later and we’ll chat.

“The heart and pulse of the Middle Class “

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