America Speaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Periscope Thursday@11m. If you don’t have a death wish, don’t Vote for an incumbent who is a Climate denier or has not provided Expanded Medicaid to your State. The life you save may be your own!





Why I’m against Climate Deniers and members of Congress or Governors who brag about , “How many Billions they’ve brought to their State in support of Catastrophic Climate relief ?”  The answer is :

  • Why didn’t they plan for these events and keep people off the Flood Plains or change the building-codes to reflect the possibilities of Hurricane force winds and record rainfall amounts. You don’t get a pass from me, unless you’re preemptive!  I don’t see many GOP Governors , asking forgiveness or taking full responsibility for failing their population.  The effects of Carbon Emissions on the rise of Global temperatures has been known and talked about for 50 yrs.


In the best of times, toxic waste and toxins spewing from factories, should not be placed along side population centers. Why don’t Politicians and industry use their knowledge to forestall catastrophe? Marginally helping a few, while the multitudes suffer,  doesn’t deserve kudos or a vote back to Government. If you haven’t planned for the People’s future and considered their livelihoods, why should you get their vote?

According to this week’s Economists, the UN report on Climate change, used 6000 studies and predicted the outcomes of a rise in temperature from 1.5 -2 degrees. “As many people battered by Hurricane Michael will attest, Climate is changing faster than anyone for saw two decades ago.”

The Facts:

1. Arctic summers could be ice free , if temperatures rise 2 degrees,  vs once in a Century with a rise of 1.5 degrees Fahrenheit (F).

2. All the Oceans coral reefs might be irreversibly lost at 2 degrees (F) vs  70-90% @1.5 degrees. Still a dismal assessment, considering we depend upon fish for food. The loss of the reefs will be Catastrophic for mankind’s survival.

3. At a 2 degree rise in temperature, 420 Million are at risk from rising temperatures. Droughts  and insect die offs will affect the food supply of Millions more.

It’s interesting to note, that the Nobel prize in Economics this year , went to William Nordhaus, the scientist first postulating the effects of a 2 Degree rise in the earth’s temperature.

Nothing short of a program, similar to Kennedy’s, Space Race , is acceptable. In 10 yrs , with the proper policies in place , “we the people”, would have a future. The benefits are multifaceted. With an intense infusion of revenue into our Society, we would escape a Recession.   Additionally,  all people who want to work  would have good paying jobs and security for their lifetime and into the 22 Nd Century. Isn’t this concept,  one to embrace?  Think of the impact of Climate Catastrophe’s on your children and grandchildren?  What’s the benefit of unlimited wealth , if the temperature of our planet rises 9 degrees Fahrenheit?

That’s why I say, don’t vote for anyone who deny’s us the right to life, liberty and happiness. #EmbraceTheFuture and not reactionaries who espouse Climate denial because it adds to their “bottom line”.

our earth



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