America Speaks TheVoiceOfJoyce If you enjoy the entertainment , while the World churns? You do so at your peril. Periscope @11am Monday


Chaos, nastiness, brutishness, combative, lies, all used to distract us from real problems. That’s entertainment except , as the World churns, “ we the People” are forgetting:

  • Climate denying Congressional representatives , do so because they’re making money off of Fossil Fuels.  The United States was the #1 producer of oil & gas in 2017.  Big Businesses, like Exxon, have one problem as they bank their profits, getting the shale oil to market fast enough.  You think that’s a good enough reason to destroy our Natural resources ? Create earhquakes because of Fracking? or Use up our precious limited water supplies?  Why not invest in R&D and give alternative clean energy a chance?
  • 70,000 Opioid deaths a year and what does America provide for treatment, for profit prisons. Why?  Many in Government, including Judges and attorneys make a lot of money off  of the “incarceration “ business.  According to the Economist, incarceration costs the economy $80-180Billion.  Meanwhile, the States are experimenting with cutting prison popukations and decreasing crime.  NYC has been successful,  since the mid 1990’s.
  • Perhaps we don’t need so many Conservative Jusges follow or impose outdated mandates, without understanding that more prison time, doesn’t solve the problem,.  It only makes America poorer!
  • No Expanded Medicaid in your States, follow the money and see who owns the Insurance Cos and managed care centers.
  • Why not invest in America’s infrastructure?  If you don’t maintain systems and factories, it costs more in the long term.  America’s existing road surfaces have become 21% more bumpy since 1997.  An investment of 3% of GDP would increase the flow of goods in America and benefit Millions with new jobs.  Not a glamorous option, however, it’s part of our overhead and should be counted regularly, like Inventory!


Not convinced yet, we can work smarter and spend less in the long run,  keep watching the side show , as our World heats up! Cherry blossoms are blooming in Japan, an unheard of event in 1200 years.

Party on!

Democracy takes two, Just like a relationship. Stop dancing with the officals you know.  Vote the incumbent GOP out of every Legislative position. They’ve taken us to the brink of a second gilded age and possible recession. We can avert both by Voting Democratic in 2018.

Our lives really depend on us tuning out the Entertainment and reclaiming our vested interest in our lives and our Democracy.  #RockTheVoteForDems2018 & EmbraceTheFuture.


See you tomorrow and we’ll chat.

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