AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Periscope@11am Can’t understand not voting. If you don’t vote,we’ll all suffer. Do it for a friend. Reasons to overcome incumbent GOP, Overwhelmingly.



Dear Followers;

Never in my entire voting life have I been as energized about voting , as NOW!  Well maybe, when I first voted in the 60″s. 


  • I was disenfranchised in 2012 and certainly in 2016.   I’m not proud of those feelings.  I gave up my right to shape our Democracy and our history. 


We have everything to gain by voting for “new Faces” in the Democratic Party.  They’re you’re neighbors and reflect your views.  I’ve listened to  many speak and they’ve listened to you, their constituents. 


  • Unfortunately, the Trump Candidates are out doing themselves vying to be more Trumpian, then Trump.  If repealing the ACA is still appealing,  along with  no revenue for Education or vital services , a decrease in your Social Safety Net and no money for Infrastructure Upgrades or maintenance, than the GOP incumbents are your choice. 
  • If you approve of Voter Suppression, Gerrymandering, Voter Purging and special Voter ID cards, then vote GOP.
  • If you enjoy rebuilding or losing your homes to Climate Catastrophe and soothing words,  rather than Climate Mitigation appeals, Vote GOP.
  • You like giving money to the top 1% and having no revenue for basic servics and living wages, Vote GOP.

We can count the ways to help the GOP win, not voting is one.  If you think, like I do do, that I want to see America and Americans prosper, VOTEDEMS 2018.  As Collin Powell would say,” to win a war, only overwhelming force will do”.  We need an overwhelming vote for Democrats to overcome our State of Inequality.  Do it within the next 15 days.  Make a plan, take a friend and Vote 2018 for DEMS. 


See you at 11am.

“the Heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

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