AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Periscope@11 am Wednesday: Help fellow Americans defeat Big Business & the Trump machine. Read their Ballot measures & support “We the People”. VOTE DEMS 2018!



Dear followers:

There’s only on way to beat Bug Business and the Trump machine.  Vote overwhelmingly and vote for the faces of New Democrats , too!  Get off your coaches, there’s reason to rejoice and we the People must prevail!  Our lives depend on our votes in 2018.  Let me tell you what’s happening!


In Eugene, Oregon, The Land Trust, started by Julia Olsen, has taken up the cause of 11-22 year olds, claiming that their right to pursue life, liberty and happiness is being denied by  the Government,  because the Government fails to Fight and mitigate Climate change. When the youngest Plaintiff reaches 33, Climate Catastrophe’s will be a regular occurrence.  Will they get their day in Court? Not sure, Chief Justice Roberts just granted the Government’s request to put a hold on these proceedings, pending government filings,  that could derail this case.  It was started , under Obama, in 2015 , stating that the Government “willfully ignored”  the dangers of burning fossil fuels. 


  • The Roberts’ activist Conservative Supreme Court is intervening in lower Courts’ decisions and  circumventing the process , when the Dept. of DOJ or the President’s attorneys,  wish to block an action!  Topic for discussion.


In Colorado, a common sense ballot measure, requests that oil, gas and fracking corporations place their drilling operations & wells  2500 ft from the nearest home, school and waterway.   ( Only, New York, Maryland and Vermont have banned fracking totally. )   This  ballot would enhance the States appeal to environmentalists and the  burgeoning Technology Industries.   Young people come to Colorado to pursue a lower cost of living  and enjoy being surrounded by the State’s natural beauty.  The pristine outdoors appeals to hikers and /or skiers, depending on the season.  If passed, Ballot measure 112- would be a model for other states, who wish to preserve  pristine wilderness and clean drinking water.


California is proposing,   Prop 10 , a ballot measure,  that has the Peoples’s support for rent control in Cities that have become too expensive for labor to live.  Unbeknown to them, Blackstone and the Trump machine, are using the People’s money, held in Blackstone’s pension funds to fight against them.  I ponder the legality of Blackstone’s dark money pursuit to undercut the will of “we the People”.  I also, question their fiduciary responsibility, to the public employees who wish to see Prop 10 passed.  Sounds like a conflict of interest between a major Corporation and their Customer Base.  Where is an” amicus brief” to block Blackstone , from funding projects counter to their customers wishes?  During the Recession of 08′,  Goldman Sachs was penalized and heavilly fined for conflicts of interest, between their house account and their client’s competing interest? 


As the legal battles continue through the Courts, don’t sit idly by feeling miserable, be angry,  Angry, enough to get up, make a plan and vote.  VoteDEMOCRAT in 2018.  As you’ve just read our lives depend upon our vote.  There’s more to talk about and we will tomorrow. 


Rock the Vote For DEMS in 2018 and Embrace Our Future!


“the heart and pulse o the Middle Class”



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