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Thoughts on Democracy

  • Poverty is not stupidly. Adults & children coming here from foreign countries should be given the opportunity to attend English classes at night. Otherwise, we’re creating a two Class society with no upward mobility for those unable to communicate in English!
  • Which leads me to my observations of Houston: It is two economic hubs.The downtown area, which I never visited, represents Commerce and Energy, I npresume.
  • The other hub consists of a World Class Medical complex comprising 47 Hospitals and Research Centers. Magnificent edifices built with money for Medicare patients and those who have the proper insurance.  These impressive state of the art skyscrapers , are not technically restricted to the poor and middle class, if they can’t afford additional charges, the hospital may bill  them at a discounted rate?   Then, they  are effectively excluded from World Class Care.
  • Which makes me wonder?   What services does the 15% surcharge on Hotels and rental cars provide the Middle Class & poor Houstonites”,  not yet eligible for Medicare?
  • Perhaps you dear reader know the answers and can enlighten us on Monday. Thank you for your comments.


 My  third thought/wish concerns reforming our Voting Laws:  I am attending a discussion on Let America Vote on  Wednesday, following the 2018A mid term elections.  I would propose the following:

  • A Voting holiday
  • Citizen designed districts
  • Early voting for at least 2 weeks prior to Election Day
  • Easy use of absentee ballots. No excuses required.
  • Proof of residence, one utility bill or rent receipt.
  • Overturn Citizens United
  • Public option to be mandatory.   Funds derived from payments designated on your Income Tax submission.  All elected offices to be assigned a uniform monetary value  and equal air time at no cost .  All ads to be transparent and  approved by those running for office.
  • What would you add?


 2018 is a watershed moment for our Democracy. The people woke!  The image below captures the numbers voting this year v those voting in 2014.  It is apparent, if we keep up this momentum to vote, “We the People”, voting Democratic will be responsible for rinstating, one person, one vote!  Representation in government is within our grasp!

  • IMG_0029.JPG

In 2014 , 6.3 million voted in 8 states (Az,Fla, Ga, Ind, Montana, Nv,Tn,T). In 2018 , 11.1 million voted in early voting. We can do better ! 100,000,000 were eligible to vote and didn’t in 2016. We need an overwhelming majority to Vote Democrats into office in 2018, to restore balance and a social agenda to policy making on the local, State and Federal level.

We the people are speaking by exercising our right to vote. Together, we can move mountains. We can create history and swing the pendulum to the center and Common Ground. We can create good policy that represents us and create a culture for change. #RockTheVoteForDEMS 11/6/18 Overwhelmingly!  I ‘m looking forward to mitigating Climate Catastrophes, Reclaiming our Democracy and providing equal opportunity to our children and our grandchildren, assuring every child that they have an equal opportunity to achieve their their potential.


See you later and we’ll chat.

“the Heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

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