America Speaks TheVoiceOfJoyce: Trump fires Sessions. Plan B, Constitutional Crisis ? Governors suppress votes & recounts requested in States. Rule of Law preserved. Kudos to “We the People” & Women Legislators: Periscope @11am



It seems , the President and his campaign trail paid off in the Senate and he’s still not satisfied with these results?  Democrats have won a majority in The House and present a check on the Presidency. Restoration of the Constitution, at last?  Not so fast.  Trumps Plan B, if he lost power , fire Sessions.  What’s next?  Should “we the People” be concerned about a Constitutional crisis? 


Yes and no.  The Democrats picked up several State Houses, which is important.  Now the People’s needs will be addressed.  They’ll be entitled to Expanded Medicaid, investment in Education, Infrastructure, a living wage and election reforms.  The new Attorneys General are in contact with each other and will now vote as a block to prevent Trumps disdain for the Rule of Law.  


If Trump or his new appointee to Justice, fires Mueller,  “We the People” can rely on the office of the Attorney General of New York and every Democratic Attorneys General to unite and prosecute instances of malfeasance including: Corruption & tax evasion. 


  • My guess, Trump and his Senate cronies are “mad as hell”.  With the installation of Democratic House members and Statehouse change-overs, the Rule of Law is preserved.
  • Don’t forget, “we the People” ,  cannot rest after this election.  We must continue to Register and Vote in overwhelming numbers for Democrats and retake the Senate and State houses.  Our lives depend upon a safer, better future.   Trump  and his cronies can run, but they can’t hide from the Constitution and the Rule of Law. 

Unfortunately, we have a President and many GOP Legislators, who bend or break the Law.  With the recent Democratic gains, the President and the GOP can run, but they can’t hide!


See you later and we’ll chat.

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