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On November 6th, the People spoke!  We voted overwhelmingly and we voted Democrat, enough voted to take over the House of Congress and the many Statehouses.  We the people won!  We can proudly say, our Republic still stands.  The Rule of Law and the checks and balances of the Constitution upheld. 


Our priorities were preservation of our Democracy.  3 States, overturned their State Constitutions allowing citizen committees to draw district maps.  Many States are going 100% prepaid mail in ballots.  Florida voters gave Felons, who had served their sentences, totalling  1.4 million people, the right to vote.  The status quo has been challenged.

Healthcare reform won along with Expanded Medicaid in States voting Democrat.  Pre existing conditions can now be guaranteed along with negotiations for prescription drug prices. 

Climate mitigation was on your minds.  Many renown scientists have entered Politics.  This is prescient and timely.  Climate catastrophes are a regular occurrence in many States and new technology and planning will save lives and add jobs with living wages.  Finally, we’ll get the Congress we need! 

National health emergencies will finally be addressed, from Opiod addidiction to gun safety.  100,000’s of lives lost can be saved with sensible programs!


I see the start of a new beginning.  What do you see , dear listener and reader?  What’s happenning in your City, State or local government that you’d like to share? 

See you later and we’ll chat.

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