Joyce : Party Platform “AMERICA Speaks”!

This Post was written in12/15. Then I had two hip revisions in 2016 (3/18 & 9/13). What do you think, are my dreams still relevant? Same issues? Solutions are now up to “We the People”.


The origins of our Great Recession are many. Trillions of Dollars were squandered on our military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan , coupled with Banking and Mortgage Fraud, our economy crashed in 2008.Many Americans have suffered , the Middle Class has been decimated. They have lost jobs, homes and hope for their future!

The times call for trustworthy leadership and honest talk about the challenges we face. We must begin anew with ” a goldilocks government”, a ” just right ” government accountable to ” we the People”.
I believe the American people have suffered quietly for too long. No more rhetoric or sweeping charismatic speakers are required to write our story. Whoever controls the Federal budget writes our story. I am not concerned with debt at this time but I am concerned with stimulus, controlled, accountable and available to rebuild our Nation’s infrastructure, guaranteeing good paying jobs at every…

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