America Speaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Will you join me in giving Thanks. I’ve provided some solutions to our State of Inequality. What would you, dear followers, add or subtract? Democracy is a work in progress.

Happy Thanksgiving

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Dear: followers: 

Sobering thoughts before our Holiday.  Take a few moments and share your own thoughts with me and our Community.  What’s important to you?  Let’s all be thankful, we’ve landed on these shores and have the opportunity to shape our destiny and have time to share good times with friends and family.  My thoughts on our Economy and my wish list for a better future.

I think we can agree on abolishing and limiting the power of the few for the restored quality of the many. How you may ask?

1. Make voting accessible to all. Standardize voting forms Nationally. Take the counting and district mapping out of the Politicians hands and give it to citizens. One month of write in  ballots or preferred,  ballots via App with double security.  When  250,000,000 vote,  who are eligible,  Power goes back to “We  the People.”

2. Keep working on making Affordable Healthcare cost effective. Negotiate for drug pricing . Look at contracts and think business accountability, not waste.

3. Assure that expanded Medicaid is a right,  not a State option. Good healthcare is the foundation for quality of life and self esteem.

4. Provide real incentives to erase student loans.

5. Break up Monopoly power. We’re getting less service and employees are getting less wages. Allow for competition . The tax cuts should be overturned, they favor the wealthy and stifle competition , innovation and wages.

6. You want to increase employee participation in a Capitalist society, reduce the number of certifications required to perform work. The working poor are far more accountable than the rich.

7. There are over 8700 opportunity zones? Who is benefiting? Are the poor & middle class given a chance to succeed? Invest in Communities that need help. Endure accountability and open the books of corporations making investments in these zones.

8. Restore faith in Government.

9. Restore faith in Capitalism.

10. Restore faith in Unions

America has many opportunities to solve our problems through innovation. Give more people the chance to achieve. Stop stifling our working immigrants. They’re here, place everyone on a path to education and citizenship. Stop losing the creativity of the many for the selfish greed of a few.

Voting in large numbers has begun. It’s time for total citizen involvement in the voting process. Good ballot measures pass. Seek expertise and win back our Democracy.

Time we all woke. We the People don’t have to tolerate the tyranny of a few. We have the population to make our wishes known. The great Center Majority cannot afford to be silent. If we are, we the People lose out to special interest groups who prefer a disenfranchised sick population. Self empowerment is wonderful. Seize it and we’ll succeed in transforming our Nation.

Happy Thanksgiving. God Bless you.

See you later and we’ll chat.

“The heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

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