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Think about it. It’s the greed of a few who are willing to destroy our globe in their quest for short term profits. Evidently, they’re not thinking about their children or grandchildren as long as they control America’s purse. That’s why today’s GOP and the Enablers of Donald Trump are dangerous. They have no conscience, they’re not driven by introspection or seeing two sides of an argument, like Trump, they want their money now. Do we the People matter? Not even a little. Will we protest and take back our Rights and control of the Corporate purse?  The continuous consolidation of Corporate Power is destroying Americans standard of living and much more.


  • As a country, our lifespans are declining, while those in other Countries are living into their 100’s. Do you care?
  • Our Universities no longer top the list of outstanding achievements in Science and Technology, China does.  What happened to American exceptionalism.  Do you care?
  • We pay teachers less than 1% of GDP while other Countries pay 4%.  In a World confronting Climate Challenges and health related problems, we can’t afford not to educate more Engineers and Scientists.  They will create the Technologies of the future.  Do you care?

Today’s Corporations will keep us humbled as they destroy our means to equal education , healthcare and a pollution free environment. We all, the entire Planet, will pay a price for the Greed of a few.

Once drought continues, more food refugees will be on the March for water and food. Once our insect population declines, those same refugees will be forced to hand pollinate trees and plants for the total Planets survival. As our Oceans produce less fish , our food choices are  more reduced.  Do you care?

We already know that producing red meat and pork is no longer energy efficient. Their gasses must be recycled to prevent more Carbons entering the earth’s atmosphere. Our reliance on CO2 production is literally destroying our world. It’s not easy to change our culture. However, the consequences of not changing are dire. Do you care?

Class divisions will increase as the refugees hand cultivate our meager food production and the rest of us survive to produce the technologies & energy sufficiency that will bring us into the 21 st Century. Nothing is possible without changing our mindset. Will you raise your voice to save yourself?

No matter how difficult, we must strive everyday to rid ourselves of Corrupt short sighted politicians. Their quest for money, is literally destroying our lives. Vote them out at every election. Let the will of “We the People” prevail. It must, if we are to enjoy good health , Education and a living wage. We can’t shirk our civic responsibility, our lives and the lives of our unborn children depend upon us.

Those hypocrites who say they are protecting the rights of the unborn, must provide a pollution free environment, too,  or they can’t justify their stance. Science confirms that pollution affects the lives and livelihoods of the unborn.  It  is a criminal act to deny the existence of Climate Change.  The World Bank is now allocating $200Billion to help mitigate the effects of climate events on $250Million people in 30 emerging Countries.  Proportionately, America should be allocating $300 Billion to mitigate Climate events.  As we speak the homeless numbers are increasing in California and other States devasted by Floods Hurricanes and fires.  Do you care? 


Do not think twice, the current GOP, their Enablers and the Trump Administration are doing more harm than merely taking away our money and our jobs. They are destroying the lives of the living and the yet to be born. These are crimes against humanity and should not be tolerated.  Do you care?


I hope, dear follower, you agree and will fight at the ballot box to overturn the policies that destroy our World. Our survival depends on technological & scientific solutions and electing politicians who represent the needs of “We the People”.  Do you care?

Politics affects us, much more than I originally thought.

See you later and we’ll chat.

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