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Inequality exists. We know it. As the Corporations became enriched by the infusion of tax cuts and tax loopholes &  consolidation of their Power, “We the People ” became unequal partners in our Democracy. Large Corporations and Lobbyists have taken over the Federal Government and the State houses. No one cares about “We the People”. We know this is true. The question to ask ,” Is what are we going to do about it?”

As long as Government and Lobbyists for special interest groups control the Federal, State and local purses, “we the People “ have no power.

As long as States and local government, gerrymander and suppress voting rights, nothing short of 100 Million more votes or ballot measures to overturn State and city constitutions or charters , will place power back in the hands of “We the people”. Are you motivated to be involved in restoring our rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness? Will you raise your voices in defense of personal Liberty?

Electing a President is not enough to change the Political culture. Adding more Statesman & women to all levels of government is needed to support new ideas and plans for a better future. Do you care enough to act, rather than remain silent?

I don’t know what’s the next step? Or how to up our Game. What I do know is a consensus must be reached by all the People in these United States for us to progress and stop apathetically accepting our fate. Democracy is worth fighting for.

  • Decent Healthcare is worth fighting for
  • Better Education is worth fighting for.
  • Tackling Climate Catastrophes is worth fighting for.
  • Elections that are fair and honest are worth fighting for.
  • A decent living wage is worth fighting for.

I can point out our short comings . I can’t lead anyone unless you’re willing to be your own advocate, too! Do you care enough to participate in Democracy?  Do you care enough to think about possible solutions to our State of Inequality?

Why don’t we discuss what you think is important and determine the best way to achieve progress on all issues of importance to us. Guaranteed this administration is not pro people. Guaranteed Capitalism today is not the Capitalism of prior years.

Every few years the pendulum must swing back to favor equal opportunity for all. That can only happen with the full commitment of all the People. The American people have always been indomitable when mobilized. I can only state , like Barry Goldwater did, that extremism in defense of Liberty is no crime. It is a crime to remain silent as our rights, our health & our livelihoods are stripped away and we say nothing. Do you care?

See you later and we’ll chat.

“The heart and pulse of the Middle Class “

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