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These thoughts were also written on 4/21/16.  Do they resonate with you today?  What would you add to your wish list or subtract?  Everything in a Democracy is open for debate.

See you tomorrow and we’ll chat.

“The Heart and pulse of the Middle Class”



What would I do differently, if nominated and elected to the highest office in the land.

  1. I’d install a proactive team, the cabinet, that consisted of luminaries on the right and on the left. Personnel is policy. There are many Posts to be filled and tasked with Government reconstruction.
  2. The main issues are living wills for Banks and Bank like entities, which includes Hedge Funds and Insurance Companies.
  3. The 2 nd priority is revision of the Corporate Tax code, reversing years of Corporate Welfare.
  4. Create an accountable revenue stream for Public Private partnership in Infrastructure programs and education and social well being.
  5. Revise the regulatory and licensing environment to encourage small business development
  6. Phase out our current approach to incarceration, by adapting and phasing in a penal system that is more humane. Only give REIT status to Public prisons that adapt new policies and procedures. No more profit for Penal institutions and anyone related to ” pay” to incarcerate!  Change the law and our attitudes toward crime.
  7. Become socially conscious
  8. Institute a system of Carbon tax rather then Carbon exchanges. Stop fossil fuel subsidies and redistribute the $660 Billion handout.  Encourage alternative fuels.
  9. Tax Derivatives and high speed trades 6% and recoup another $660 Billion.
  10. Adjust Corporate taxation to reclaim another Trillion $’s or 2.
  11. Restructure the payroll tax to capture all income, not just the first $118,000
  12. Instill accountability and responsibility for all money already allocated to line item budgets. I’m sure we’ll find significant waste and reclaim Billions for additional programs
  13. Finally , fund all programs dealing with scientific discovery, R & D, FDA, EPA,NIH, NSA,NASA, NOAA moving our country toward the 21 st Century.

It’s not enough to say you will change the status quo. Together we can change our lives with good paying jobs making our kids education worthwhile.

There is much to be done and no time to waste. We are a great Nation, but we can do better. United we  can all stand!

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