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This post was also written on 4/21/16.  Has anything changed?  Are you better off today than you were 4 years ago?  We’ve started taking back control of government by creating a small block of Democrats in the House and in many Statehouses.  This is a beginning.  What more do you think needs to happen before we achieve true representation?  How can I be empowered to help you?


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I feel I am living in two worlds with competing narratives.

It is true the Federal and State coffers have been drained by Corporate welfare and legalized tax evasion by an elite group of CEO’s , politicians,lobbyists and hedge fund owners. The Panama Papers Leak doesn’t count those hiding legalized off shore assets through shell companies in our own Country. We have become the least transparent of all countries, aiding and abetting tax evasion. Additionally , we are the most unequal when we analyze our ability to climb out of poverty .This decrease in mobility effects the poor and the shrinking Middle Class.

We need a massive stimulus program and we need to fund it by Taxing Corporations , fast trades and derivatives and the elite individuals who hide their assets in art, real estate and off shore tax havens

Contrast this world view with the Wall Street Journals editorial on the problem with the economy:their concern, retirees and others getting public assistance are draining the government coffers. That’s their solution. Stop public funding of the people and the Government on the State and Federal level would be solvent. We can only wonder how they arrived at this conclusion.

It flies in the face of Thomas Piketty”Capital in the 21 st Century, Angus Deaton, ” The Great Escape and the Roosevelt institute. Not to mention the last few Issues of The Economist which cited statistics on the rise of Monopolies, oligarchs and Corporate greed. Corporations are no longer investing in their future, they are hoarding close to a Trillion Dollars , buying back stock and rewarding CEO’s and shareholders. This party will implode.It’s like cannibalizing your young.

We the people have suffered too much.It is time for Corporate Welfare enablers , our legislators, to willingly revise the Laws and the regulations for Small Business and bring our Country back to upwardly mobility for all.

At this point, I favor a President capable of creating an intelligent responsive organization that sees the plight of we the people and establishes policy to benefit individuals over the Corporate greed.

It is past time to elect new people to government.How many years can we wait before there is a genuine crises similar to another fiscal collapse? 

The writing is on the wall!Delay action on legislation at our own peril.

There is so much more to be concerned with. That’s why you need a team and a responsive cabinet. Policy is personnel!!!

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