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Participate in Democracy and win

1. North Carolina’s handling of elections is being investigated and , if necessary, the folks involved in voter Fraud will be brought to justice. Then, there will be a new election.

2. If Wisconsin or Michigan’s “win at all cost” GOP Legislators get their outgoing Governors to sign their bills;  those bills restricting the newly elected powers of the New Democratic Governors will be challenged in Court. The current GOP’s strategy of “winning at all costs” , tramples the Constitution and takes away power directly from the will of the People and possibly the Executive & Judicial Branches of Government. In Wisconsin.

3. Google employees have banned together and sent a list of demands for better working conditions and higher wages to management.   My opinion, every employee of every Corporation should exercise their rights and request better working conditions and higher wages. This is a good beginning.

4. I would also recommend uniting as a work force and refuse to write those emails to increase Corporate power. Your actions will hurt you and other working Americans.

5. On the Positive side the Protestors in France have gotten Macron to back down. The gasoline tax like a Convergence Tax here, would be a burden to already struggling businesses. Instead, I would suggest, taxing the Land developers use and create enough revenue to fund Infrastructure and other projects.  “We the People” have paid more than our fair share!

6. Stagnant wages it appears is a Global phenomenon. All people dependent upon employers for a living wage, should unite and present management with a list of particulars , stating the employees goals for improving the Corporate culture, along with their wage demands.

Corporate Cultures change 2 ways: Upper management wants to change their business model and offers incentives for change. Royal Dutch Petroleum is now rewarding CEO’s and upper management, when they reduce carbon emissions.

Otherwise, employees must unite to pursue their common good. That’s how unions were started in 1881! By 1907, the Steel Corporations employed the National Guard to shoot employees who were at odds with Management. When the Corporations lost, the Unions became powerful advocates for labor reforms and wages.

“We the People “ are not powerless. Our labor controls the Corporate purse. Our ability to vote overwhelmingly,  overcomes Corporate influence on Government.

It was proven when Democrats regained the House and Statehouses. “We the People” benefit. Our participation in Democracy has just begun. We will not be successful till all 100 Million eligible to vote, do so!

The positives , when “ we the People”, are motivated to reclaim our Power!

I’ll provide other examples of people initiatives in NY State, join the organization NEW YORK RENEWS or The Jewish Climate Action Network or Christians for Climate Change. We’re all meeting to develop Legislation to make NY 100% renewable through social justice programs and a living wage. Pivoting to Climate Mitigation would create 150,000 jobs. Costs to be attached when the bill is complete.

See you later and we’ll chat.

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