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Dear followers

Based upon your tweets and interaction with my Posts and newspaper articles, you’re concerned with the following issues:

Election Reform.

  • Citizens United
  • Voter suppression and voter purging
  • Gerrymandering
  • Election fraud , take politicians out of the counting process.


Citizen Ballots and citizen Committees in every State can become involved with local attorneys and develop changes to Campaign funding, ballots and voting accessibility.


  • The 2 Nd issue of concern is renewable energy. We’re all concerned about the Planet warming dramatically to 2 degrees Celsius. If we don’t avert the increase in heat, many will die or become climate refugees. There are now approximately 24 million refugees and that number could swell to 145 million.



Can we mitigate Climate catastrophe? I’m convinced we can with smart city , manufacturing and farm site planning. We’re awaiting the data on major leaps in science. Renewable energy is a necessity.

Climate mitigation comes under the heading of Infrastructure upgrades. If  we tackle this problem similar to getting a man on the Moon, we’ll avert disaster. Every one has to become a Climate Mitigation ambassador. Every State has to pursue Climate Mitigation and Infrastructure upgrades. We’ll need skilled IT to safeguard our systems and manage Metadata analytics, too!

Pursuing Climate Mitigation will provide good paying jobs for more people at every income level.  Think: Subway and transportation waterproofing, upgrading the electric grid nd burying lines to prevent sparks in dry areas and areas with trees, plan and  build smart cities, using metadata with IT project Managers.  Why should people build without restriction in flood plains or among dry tinder?   Should toxic factories be in close proximity to major population centers? 

  • I’d like to visit the Far East and bring back information on the latest technologies.
  • Technion in China is dedicated to Climate Mitigation.
  • 4 Nations contribute to 59% of CO2 emissions on the Planet. China, America, the EU & India.
  • Climate Mitigation should be a major human priority,  preservation of life is a major concern.

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